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  1. That's what i was thinking of doing yeah but i didn't want to break the bank for one ............😄
  2. hello there folks after i sold i fender player i would like to pick up a Vintera 60 but i also have a little Squire Cv60 which plays beautifully despite the price and the quality of the guitar is awesome , would you change this one for a Vintera 60 adding an extra amount of 500 bucks . cheers https://ibb.co/H729YnK https://ibb.co/WyZgC4w
  3. If i had to choose one among many it would be this one , because they deserved to be in the rock and roll hall of fame .
  4. i wouldn't take neither of both i had a special and was unplayable because the frets are too high and if you have a heavy hand on playing it just goes out of tune , awful !
  5. Hiya Henry let me take the occasion to wish a very happy New's Years eve to everybody and to you British friends who are living in a country which i particularly love to bits . yep as far as the guitar i choose to give trust to GIBSON USA even tho' i started with the idea of buying a CUSTOM SHOP , strangely enough i found the standard models well made and all in all similar in playability and tune . ciao ! https://ibb.co/j5VxF1M
  6. Went to the store with the intention of buying a Gibson les Paul custom shop with the tag price of 5500 euros ,and i ended up of buying the new standard Blue berry 60 which i found much better in terms of finishes and tone at a tag price of €3000 , as they say ; .............not everything that glitters is gold
  7. Hello there american brothers , i love to bits my banjo tuners on my firebird custom shop m.y. 2015 but i just wonder whether the new versions of this kind of tuners are more precise when it comes to tune the guitar , also i would like to know what function have the screws over the six keys . cheers to everybody and Merry Xmas https://ibb.co/2P7LLzx
  8. he basically says that in winter the boveda two way humidifiers amplify the moisture in the wood
  9. well in autumn winter here in northern Italy .... my hygrometer signs 72 fahrenheit with 51 percent of humidity into the cupboard where i store the guitars , all guitars are kept into case some gig bag some other hard case , and that should be at least the temperature and humididy rate into my room also .
  10. he simply said that in winter they just amplifies humidity into the woods , indeed when i pull out the bovedas from the guitar they are quite chilly , but i can't tell whether that "CHILL " kept inside the guitar in those envelops is dangerous in the longer term .
  11. Hi there folks my luthier told me that in winter the Boveda two way humidity control are totally damaging , i thought that two way humidity gives the guitar the right level of it in all seasons , he also told me to keep them in the oven and warmed them up a bit , what do i have to do keep them or get rid of them for good both in the acoustic and electric guitars ? it looks like a confusing matter ! cheers
  12. saw this video but i'm worried about the intonation of this guitar it looks like it has got the same keyboards of the les paul special they produced in 2019 , the intonation of that guitar was simply awful i just hope the frets are not the same
  13. If Sweetwater hasn't still got it in store that means that this nowhere to be seen , the italian dealers cannot even pre- order it for their customers https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/LPSt60FTBbB--gibson-les-paul-standard-60s-figured-top-electric-guitar-blueberry-burst
  14. Mille miglia ? let me see the vintage car you are racing on there mate ?
  15. Hiya Evans , is everything ok in beautiful Britain ? do you know that i bought a motorcycle there in Devonshire this summer and get back to milan on it , great adventure ! as far as gibson is concerned , yep i went there great place indeed to buy guitars but even the owner told me that at the moment they are not sortable and maybe they will arrive around Xmas but not all the colours unbelievable inn'it ? 😕
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