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  1. hello there everybody , does anyone out there know where to look to find out for such a gig bag of a gibson firebird ? thanks for your help . custodia.webp
  2. hello there everybody, is it right that mini humbuckers over firebirds have less volume compared to P90's and PRS humbuckers , or is it something wrong with my guitar ? thanks
  3. all right then mate ,but how can you spread a product like that over the carpet case ?
  4. hello everybody from Milan Italy my problem is as follows , the original case of my firebird has taken this stinky odour of mould and it seems to be there to stay , at the moment i have taken the guitar in anothr place to get rid of that stench herself but i fear that into the case it won't be easy to get rid of that any tips ? by the way have u got any idea where i can buy the gibson soft case for the firebird , i already have a les paul special with that kinda of bag which is smelling very good and the guitar smell good accordingly thanks to everybody for your help
  5. well , seeing the same model here it seems to me that at least it has been modified to settle in the strings , or am i wrong ? https://postimg.cc/7C2pL4vb
  6. hello there everybody can anyone tell me whether this nut is genuine on a gibson firebird 64reissue custom shop ? thanks https://postimg.cc/21K031C7
  7. hello there everybody , i have just bought a FIREBIRD T my 2017 with steinberger tuning machine and stop tail but i would also like to buy a custom shop firebird III reissue with a whammy bar and banjo tuners , however i ve heard some concerns about tuning and sustain of this model , can you enlighten me on the differences of the two guitars and whether or not the firebird III custom shop is a sensible purchase at 5000 k ? thanks for your help
  8. Thanks Steven , do you know by any chance in which plant has been assembled in the US ? cheers
  9. hello guys from Italy I bought this guitar in japan how can i be sure that she is not a CHIBSON ? thanks for your help
  10. hi everybody I'm keen on having my Firebird modified with only one volume pot and one tone pot and changing the position of the plug , is it feasible and if so where i can find the appropriate caps thanks
  11. Owner of a Gibson les paul special 19 model and the new arrival Gibson fireebird bought in japan , hope to get nice tips from all of ya . cheers
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