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  1. You LUCKY BASTARD! I guess you blame the Jews fer evrything that's wrong with the world huh!? Blessed are the CHEESEMAKERS!
  2. Yee-freakin'-haw! Saddle up pony boys! Ha ha ha...
  3. ...Gone. Move along...NOTHIN' here ta see...or hear. ADI -fukcin' - OS...as you were... a cast of thousands came saw,listened...a hand full participated and the rest proved themselves to be... I'm crossing over with the rest... Because after all - TALK IS CHEAP!
  4. This song is indicative of the material I will be putting out for release in the following 2-3 months on iTunes. Late 70's KISS/Alice Cooper/Blackfoot...
  5. Say what now...OK I'm here. Been busy doin' my own ****. File sent to ya...will have a stab atcha track very soon okey[wink]
  6. Yeh...seems like this song's on the nod... Going...
  7. Goddamn sum*****! I coulda used that freakin' tooth too! Ain't many choppers left in my cakehole...
  8. OK. Stepped on some toes with my editing (was bound ta happen#-o ) so...I've "fixed it in the mix" after some consultation with various parties[biggrin] Again,I can't stress enough that you let me know exactly where it is (measure is better rather than time-though whatever suits you) you intended your track to come in OK. Here we go again.
  9. And a beautiful cosy 21C here in Orstraya mate. Very nice for my viking blood.
  10. Agreed on that. I find the 57's to be warm (hate using that word) and compressed (?),tubes love 'em. Yet they scream when you dig in to 'em too. Very versatile. My fave.
  11. germanium fuzz?...camellia's would be way prettier no?...
  12. Uh uh. Ask AXE with an ®...it's called....... MOJO!
  13. Tell that to Gene Vincent when/if ya meet him.
  14. Ehhh. Don't sweat it...pommy refo bastards they are anyways. Digit-ally Angus has it ALL in those fingers.
  15. Oh yeah! Well how do ya explain those buttons on that coat then!?
  16. They may be Poms...but they'll always be Aussie Poms...my Old man used to work with Harry vanda from the Easybeats...for those who came in late...damn Dutch and there hippie liberal ways...
  17. Well Ima drunk and trippin' but all I see is a million little perfect squares in that piece of carpet...horrible colour too...
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