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  1. Lol I can't submit a picture what a joke 500kb?
  2. OK so I purchased my first Epiphone, no wait that's not true, well first les paul traditional, a pro iiii plus on Saturdsy from guitar Saturday. Got it delivered today totally excited to see difference between strats and a les paul. When I opened box I could see thru the bubble wrap something was wrong but was looking at body portion not the neck. Once my eyes got the headstock I was devastated. The headstock completely snapped off! Now GC shipped this in epiphone box which I guess is adequate but I believe they should of placed this box inside another box with bubble wrap but with that said I don't see any signs of damage to the box. So I don't know if it's been this way entire time or damaged in shipment. My big question for forum is do you folks see this as anomaly or design flaw- poor timber the wood seems dry but I don't know if my strat snapped I guess broken wood looks the same but I have serious question about the choice of timber epiphone uses. Since I have you attention was also looking into Epiphone 1959 Les Paul Standard Outfit Electric Guitar if I return the replacement guitar. Oh naturally GC refunded broken guitar plus expedited shipping and sent out new one with expedited shipping waved, hope they ship it today. I'm sorry for some reason this site saying my picture is too large to post lol kinda I'm wanted you folks to see picture. I'll post this and then see if I can get pic from phone to post
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