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  1. Really enjoyed that ... well done :) Hope it does well for you all
  2. Just spent mine on a U87 Neuman. What a fabulous mike. Now all I need to do is learn to sing :)
  3. I thought it would be interesting to hear what each of us would do if we had that sum of money at our disposal, and the wife either (a) didn't know about it OR (B) for some peculiar reason wasn't objecting :) Would it be a new 'puter? mic? monitors and sub woofers? mixing desk? control board? express interface? or W.H.Y (what have you) Let us all know what you lust after. I was looking at a really good mic (Neuman U87) because a good mic never goes out of date and is always a real pleasure to use I am sure there are many great ideas out there .....
  4. I like that attitude ..... :)
  5. 12 days ago I downloaded Reaper for a trial of my first ever DAW on the computer Up until now I have been using the Korg 3200 Digital Recording Studio and doing all my effects, mixing, mastering (such as it is with me) on that unit My first impression was that I didn't have a clue what it was all about I then discovered that there were many similarities in use to Audacity, for example, and to a video editing program I use. I started to experiment. I joined the Reaper forum and found very helpful people there, and massively informative posts from various members, which I was able to take on board to improve my own workings with the program I downloaded the 400 page user guide and viewed some of the instruction videos Already I am able to perform most of the basic tasks which help me open a new project, create all the necessary tracks, import my audios and vocal tracks, apply envelopes, mute out unwanted sections, cut and align tracks, apply effects, record and render my product to wav or mp3. Quite astonishing within 12 days :) If you can imagine a user guide of 400 pages I have probably educated myself from less that about 10. The possibilities from this program seem to me to be endless. I will soon be able to do everything I want, and it will then be a matter of progressing slowly as I feel the need for more Needless to say, I paid for a licence yesterday All in all, a great program, with great support, and with awesome possibilities This is going to keep me happy all winter :)
  6. I have just downloaded Reaper and I have to say that it looks quite good to me, and the basics are fairly easy to follow. It has similarities to Audacity, and to a video editing program I use I record on a Korg 3200 ... what a great machine :)
  7. The real truth is that the guitar is worth what you can get for it Theoretically it may be worth 'x' but on the market you are lucky to get 'y' I have been trying to sell a 1962 Chet Atkins Gretsch for a few years ... can't get any offers in the region of its true 'worth' I think I could sell it for half its value though :)
  8. Flatwounds do not retain their 'fresh' sound for very long
  9. and a left hander too :D I would just love a festival like that Maybe I should organise one over here? :)
  10. When I was drinking whiskey (with an 'e' if it is Irish, and without the 'e' if it is Scotch) my everyday fav was Johnny Walker Black Label ( a bottle a week) To that I added quite a few single malt ... Dalwhinnie or Craiganmore were by far the most acceptable at that time The only bottle of single malt whisky that I ever gave away was a bottle of Laphroig from Islay ... that peaty taste was not to my own taste at all (and all of the Islay malts taste the same ..... I got very drunk on the island in the Golf Club one evening sampling quite a few :D) Bushmills Black Label is also quite a treat, especially in a special Irish Coffee :) Anyways ..... the doctor decided that I should give up on the whisk/eys many years ago and nowadays I desist ...........
  11. My new Dove has a white label ... maybe they have run out of orange paper?
  12. hehehe miming to myself One camera and then a few inserts to break up the boredom Wifey says I have to practice my lip sync better
  13. A little song I wrote a couple of days ago and put on a video Methinks I have a ways to go yet [YOUTUBE] [/YOUTUBE]
  14. I play the older ones as a medley Things we said today Hard days Night Can't buy me love All my lovin We can work it out Act naturally
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