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  1. Just bought a new 2020 Les Paul classic (my first LP) and noticed this gap. Is this typical or is the pickguard warped?
  2. Hey, that Memphis cover looks slick. I’m sure they’re just as elusive.
  3. Damn, even the the part number! I’m impressed. Thanks so much. But I have a feeling they’ll say it’s discontinued or unavailable.
  4. Tone you say? Well if that’s the case then I gotta get it. Nice natural, BTW.
  5. I just purchased a 2019 Gibson Memphis 335 ...my dream guitar. QC is spot on but I noticed the truss rod cover looks to be the basic version rather than the stepped 2 ply with the f hole engraving that I ‘ve seen on these guitars. I’m wondering if it’s simply an error at the factory. So I contacted Gibson to order the proper part and they didn’t seem to know what I was referring to. I contacted Sweetwater. Same thing. I did a thorough search on the Internet and came up with squat. So my question is this: does anyone know what the deal is with this elusive little piece of plastic?
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