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  1. Thanks.....Im not up on these Forums...enjoy info ....You really have to be careful when selling these fine i nstuments these days ....EVERYBODY makes a [less than a grand] guitar... Had a friend the otherday brin g a "Shenendoah" over.....It was noise but I showed him/played a "02 Songbird A/E dreadnaught and ...Gibson had major tone over that Martin... SIT DOWN and feel tha guitar not just buy it unplayed! I have several Gibsons for sALE but Im 66 and health is dropping BUT every other Friday nite/Saturday...Slide my SG in on some Duane licks...Note....I went up to Duanes grave a month ago
  2. Mine is a 91 Bozeman and its not handpainted...If that helps
  3. Good Morning, I got only 9 or 10 Gibsons left But I have a question... I know Bozeman Mt. acoustcs were started in ???91???? But does anyone know about this serial number...9123504? I I sent it to Gibson/Nashville after I bought it and had the luthiers TOTALLY rebuild the ENTIRE guitar ,as it was dried and cracking and NOT taken care of! They did an EXCELLANT Job! I HIGHLY reccomend them. They put it in an autoclave and bring up humidity and press the woods back together and place original woods[same kind of wood.../I would imagine sitka] as doublers! GREAT JOB! Re-wired frets ect.Went thru
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