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  1. Went to GC yesterday & played my J45 thru a few acoustic amp & really liked the new Fishman Loudbox Artist amp so decided to buy it. 120w, 2 channels, DSP effects chorus, delay etc, 8" woofer & 1" tweeter. Weighs in at about 25 lbs. Played with it some last night & sounded really nice with the J45 & my Larrivee L-03R. Like to thank everyone for their help & suggestions. Very much appreciated guys.

  2. I've got a Casino Elitist that had the bridge taken off the guitar by my grandson. Now I'm not a guitar tech so I don't think I got it back on just right because the guitar sounds horrible. The Tune o Matic doesn't have screws on the ends on top for adjustment it has thumbwheels underneath for adjusting. Would one of you guys be so kind as to walk me thru adjusting this damn thing & how to set intonation (whatever is meant by that) on it. Not technical please I enjoy playing the guitar but haven't a clue on how to set them up. Thanks in advance. BTW it has new strings on it already so I know it isn't that.

  3. Thanks guys for your advice. Seems like the Historics have a lot of love here. I'll definitely check some of your isuggestions out. I have one more question. Is there a big difference between the 50's & 60's style neck. I have short fingers so I'm more inclined to go with a thinner neck for playability & comfort. Whats your ideas on this.

  4. Went to GC yesterday & played every Les Paul I could find. They all sounded & felt great & a few really talked to me. I played a:

    Les Paul Studio

    Les Paul Traditional & Plus

    Les Paul Standard & Plus

    Can't make up my mind between the bunch. The guitar in my avatar isn't mine but a color I love. I guess I'm asking which one would you consider the best value for the money in the long run. Budget isn't a problem but I don't want to go over about $3500 just for practicality. Thanks in advance guys.

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