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  1. Try a Google search for Epiphone replacement pickguards. I'll bet you find one.
  2. Ya know everytime I ask a question here I always get good and fast responses. Since I'm relatively new to Epi's its a big help. I know I'll always get expert opinions from the guys that know what they are talking about. Really enjoy this forum and LOVE YOU GUYS!! I have a GC about 100 miles from me so maybe I'll take a run up there and try out a few of these guitars and I will remember to play them all thru the same amp. Thanks guys!
  3. Take a look at these from stew-mac http://www.stewmac.com/shop/Tuners/Guitar,_solid_peghead_tuners/Grover_Full-size_Rotomatics.html
  4. Nowhere Man I Feel Fine Norweigen Wood When I'm 64 Penny Lane Just so many to pick I can't list them all!
  5. Hey guys, whats the biggest difference between the Sherry and the Les Paul. Sound, feel of the neck, pups etc. Been looking at a few of each but would like to know your opinions. I like the music of the Beatles and 60's style. I already have a Casino Elitist but would like something with humbuckers for a different sound. Thanks in advance.
  6. I have a Casino Elitist that I did up like John Lennons Revolution. I changed out the truss rod cover for the "E" cover but its a 3 holer as I didn't want to fill and drill new holes for the 2 holer. I found the black neoprene switch washer on ebay and put the little black washer under the little screw next to the neck of the guitar. Changed out the chrome Grovers for the gold Grovers. Thats it! I'll never get it to replicate JL's guitar exactly but I came as close to it as I could and am satisified with the look. Just my .02 cents.
  7. You're doing just fine epinder. Microsoft is trying to control too much nowadays but money is money and every little bit saved helps!
  8. Sounds like a real sweet deal Epinder!!
  9. Check here: Up top in the blue band. http://www.live.com/
  10. I don't think is one. I've read on some of the other forums that people have used it and it worked just fine.
  11. Go over to the Live.com website and open an account by clicking on "cashback" at the top of the page. Then you search on the Live.com website for the guitar you're interested in. It will list ebay as one of your choices. Click on it and you"ll be at ebay and it will list all the guitars you've searched for. Pick one out and click on the Buy It Now button and in a green box underneath the item it will show you the amount Microsoft will credit your Paypal account with. The amount will show up on your Live.com account in about 2 days if you buy the guitar. Your account gets credited after 60 days { to protect themselves from you returning the guitar after you get the rebate}. You have to purchase a Buy It Now item it won't work on an auction bid. I checked out a guitar yesterday for $1150 and the Microsoft rebate was $200.00. So I would have gotten it for $950.00. I would pay the $1150.00 for the guitar and in 60 days Microsoft puts $200.00 into my ebay account. Still thinking about it. Any more questions let me know.
  12. If anyone is interested in saving more money on guitars bought on ebay let me know and I'll explain this in detail on this thread.
  13. Tell her it was sent to you as part a promotional deal and you decided to keep it as not to appear rude. On second thought maybe the shoes would work better!
  14. I may be in the market for a quality 12 string. Anyone have an Epi or a Masterbuilt. How nice are they tonally and ease of play.
  15. Looks like you made a nice score Duane, Congrats!
  16. Thanks Charlie, I looked all over for this cover. Ebay never seems to have any unless you buy a complete guitar neck which can get pretty expensive and tried ordering one but no one would order it calling it a special order that they couldn't do. The one Steve sent me looks brand spanking new. Its nice to know some guys care and are willing to help someone else.
  17. Fabri, I bought my Casino from Sweetwater and it was packed very well. I don't think you'd have any problems unless the carrier service in Europe treat their merchandise with a heavy hand. Still it would take some extreme carelessness to damage the guitar the way it is packed. Sorry I don't know of any dealers in Europe. Good luck!
  18. Steve, got the truss rod cover yesterday and all I can say is WOW! It looks like its brand new. Thanks again buddy!
  19. Beautiful Rick, ugly paint job on the Rolls. Must have been Yoko's idea! Don't forget that little black washer under the screw next to the neck. Its pretty small but you can see it.
  20. I bought a set of Grovers. Same look of the ones that came off my Elitist Casino but in gold. Can't remember where I bought them but they were about $55 and any online store should have them. They came with a new set of bushings and dropped right in. Hope this helps.
  21. Sweetwater has a couple right now http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/USCRLNNH/
  22. I have a Super Champ Xd Charlie. Great amp in my opinion. Perfect clears and 16 different modelling choices for just about sound you want. Reverb, delay, chorus, distortion to name a few. 2 channel also! For 300.00 I don't doubt it is flying off the shelves as fast as they can make them. I play my Casino thru it and get that nice jangly sound of the Beatles in clear mode. Love it to death. Didn't care for the no name speaker ii it so I replaced it with a Eminence Ragin Cajun and what a difference. The fender speaker wasn't bad but the RC is fabulous. Just my .02 cents!
  23. I'm interested Frenchie, and if you're happy then I'm happy buddy!
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