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  1. Thinking of picking up an Epi Les Paul but they're are so many models to choose from I'm lost. Any suggstions?
  2. Yes it is Charlie. Just got it last week and am loving it already. Probably more Epi's in my future. You know how that goes!
  3. Great looking gits Charlie, I envy you man!
  4. I emailed Gibson Charlie and got an answer back with a P/N EPTC-101 and they suggested I try some Gibson shops they listed to see if they had it. They didn't so I emailed 2 of them, stew-mac and wdmusic to find out if they could get one for me. I'll let you know what they say when I get an answer from them. I found a place on ebay that was selling blank 3 hole covers in packs of 4 so I bought a pack and thern and I'll see if an engraving shop can do the artwork on them if I bring them a picture of what I want.
  5. Thanks Charlie, that may be the way to go.
  6. I use a Levy's brown leather strap. Goes well with my natural Casino.
  7. Yeah the picture is the truss rod cover I want but my Casino Elitist has a 3 hole cover on it.
  8. Hey guys I don't know if this is the right place to post this but I'm looking for this truss rod cover to make a Lennon look alike. Anybody have one they'll sell or know where else I might find one. I'm watching ebay but no luck yet.
  9. Look around on some of the online stores and get it now if you want one. When they're all gone, there gone!
  10. I use a 2.5" padded leather strap from Levy and Ernie Ball Gold strap locks. They're great!
  11. I just received my Casino Elitist and I love the small neck. I have small hands and fingers so maybe its different for you.
  12. Thanks for the kind comments on my new Casino guys. Jeffery--I did put the url for each picture between the image brackets in just one post. The pictures came up but had the red x's instead of the pics. I must have done something wrong I guess. Doesn't matter now as Svet was nice enough to post the pics for me. Thanks for the help.
  13. I also get a call from Chris at Sweetwater everytime I purchase something no matter how small it is. Also get a call from him after I receive my order to see if I am satisfied with my purchase. Sweetwater goes the extra mile to keep the customer satisfied, They're great!!
  14. Thanks much Svet! I did post each image between the brackets for image but got the red x's and I don't know why. Thanks again for posting the pics for me.
  15. Charlie, the Casino seems to sell better than the other elitists I think because of the John Lennon connection to it.
  16. Thanks Jeffery, well pasted between the image brackets but got the red x's now what.
  17. Okay lets see how this pics thing goes http://s306.photobucket.com/albums/nn248/t4mania/Casino%20Elitist/
  18. Hey guys how do I post pics here. My Casino Elitist arrived and wanted to post some pics. She's gorgeous and want to show her off!
  19. They are still listing the Casino Elitist but the rest are gone. What a shame, great line of guitars. Shame on you Gibson!!
  20. Anyone know where I can pick up the truss rod cover that comes on the John Lennon Revolution Guitar. I've looked all over hell on the net and can't come up with one.
  21. I'm 59 and don't gas after acoustics any more I have 2 that are keepers but I got it when I decided to buy my first electric. Boy did I get it baddddddddddd.
  22. Keep her happy frenchie, you never know when you might want to buy another! Nice gits cookieman!!
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