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  1. Yeah Sweetwater is out of stock on them right now. They have a scheduled delivery date of the week of 9/07 but you know how that goes. I've just heard too many rumours of price increases and possibly Gibson doing away with the Elitist line due to its competition with some of their guitars. So....I decided to go ahead and get it.
  2. I've played acoustics for years and have always found that the change of a saddle made the biggest difference in tone, then the pins whether bone, ebony, or brass, and then the nut. As previously mentioned once you fret the string the nut is out of the picture
  3. I'm new on this forum and wanted to take the opportunity to say hello to everyone here. I finally ordered my dream guitar from Sweetwater, an Epi Casino Elitist in Natural color. Been gassing after this piece for a while now and decided it was time to pull the trigger on it. I'll post some pics when I finally get it in my hot little hands. Been playing acoustic guitar for a good many years now and just had to have an electric.
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