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  1. Wasn’t aiming to start a discussion - just asking for input in regards to price. But concluding from your replys I should not pay the full price he asks for. :-) Thanks!
  2. That´s the thing, it´s "just" an Exlorer but in a limited edition and being that there are aboslutely no other of its kind for sale, he believes the price is in the low end... But if others can confirm that your take is the general opinion, I don´t see any reason to purchase it for that price. Thanks for the reply. Best, Nicholas
  3. Hi all Not sure if this is the right place, if not - my apologies. I have recently gotten the opportunity to buy a Gibson Explorer Government Series I in Gunmetal grey from 2013 w/ original green hardcase, including all documentation - batch of 100 made of this model. But I can´t seem to find much info about the guitar online, more specifically the value. I can see that the Government Series II in beige is sold at about $1,100... Do any of you have an estimate in regards to price, he wants to sell it at $ 2,500. Best, Nicholas
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