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  1. Hi all. So. I've had a go and am. Really chuffed with the results. It my first ever go at anything like this but the main point is that the purposeful and ugly marks are gone, albeit for some more hazy looking areas but that's only in the right light. It looks a million times better already and I think I'm happy to leave it there. Thanks for all the advice!
  2. Thanks for all the replies peeps! I have gone for the maguire X2 and the 3m papercloth to hopefully make it all a little more subtle / blended in for a more natural wear look. I was planning to sell this but if I mess it up I may end up keeping it! 😅 It's a shame really, because it's a wonderful guitar and I'm sure it will sound that way once I've done a full set up with new strings. The previous owner was a jazz player and had 12s on in D standard tuning. So I'm expecting a little neck adjusting once I put 10s on.
  3. This sounds promising. Just to check, when you say the starting grade, you mean the finest grade?
  4. Thanks for this. Yes I forgot to mention simichrome is more aggressive as its usually for metals. But there's a few videos of it working wonders on guitars finishes, albeit the thicker urethane finishes. So worried it may damage my nitro finish. Will check out meguiars. Thanks!
  5. Hi all, I could really do with some advice on this one. I bought a 61 SG Reissue from 2002 and it has a fair few scratches on it that look fairly unnatural. You can just about feel them with your nail and I'd ideally like to get rid of them, but the nitrocellulose finish concerns me. Can I use simichrome style stuff here or will it ruin the finish? I have tried the Gibson restorative finish cream and it really hasn't done much to remove the scratches, so I wonder how dangerous it might be to try a more aggressive scratch remover? Really appreciate any sound advice. Thanks! I couldn't link so many pictures so I've done a short video of the scratches on YouTube. P. S. The final thought is I can just leave it as is but am worried it may not hold its value so well.
  6. Hi, Would anyone be able to help me confirm this guitar's authenticity: https://reverb.com/uk/item/39861636-gibson-les-paul-1956-vos-gold-top-1989-gold It seems to be a 56 reissue gold top from 1989, except the control knobs look like standards and the knobs don't have the little spike as per most of the VOS reissues, right? Serial seems to match up to a standard model from 77 onwards: 82719547. Thanks Sam
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