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  1. You and me both. This is something I'd expect several years down the line from a $900 guitar, not in 3 months. My $250 Jackson Rhoads js32t has gone on over 7 years and counting without any sort of major cracks like this appearing.
  2. These are their newest guitars from the prophecy line so id have to assume it's something recently made. As for the raising of the fret wire, I hadn't even thought of that tbh. And I have contacted them through their support page but it's been a week already with no reply so tomorrow, which will be a Monday for me, I'm gonna call them on the phone instead.
  3. Not the best quality cause of the compression but the regular photo is too big to be uploaded here directly apparently.
  4. Took a lot of fenagling but I think I finally got the pic hosted on imgur so you all can see: http://imgur.com/gallery/slyVp6v
  5. I honestly have no idea what the indoor humidity is. It has been really hot lately though. According to outside humidity it's in the 60% but I don't have a way of gauging what it's like inside unfortunately.
  6. Alright then, so this is another call upon the community to examine a situation to see if it's something normal or if it's a defect in workmanship as I've never owned an instrument this expensive or from this brand before. My question here today is, after having owned my epiphone prophecy extura for only 3 months, not using it daily and storing it inside of a hardshell case where it is not mistreated at all, is it nor.al for a Crack to show up on the fret board? It goes from the 17th fret all the way down to the bottom of the fret board past the 24th fret. I personall
  7. So in the end I had to just cut a hole into my existing epiphone explorer hard case and remove some of the Styrofoam inside to get the upper horn of the extura to fit inside nicely. The fuzzy interior stayed so as not to scratch my instrument and all in all, for a DIY fix, I think it's rather nice.
  8. You'd think it would, but sadly it is not exactly the same. The upper horn where the switch is on an explorer is at least twice as long. So sitting in an explorer case [cause I did mention that I bought an epiphone hardshell explorer case] that horn is a few inches too long to sit comfortably in the case.
  9. Is there any case out there that an epiphone prophecy extura will properly fit in without modification? I bought a hardshell epiphone explorer case but the extura does not fit inside it properly. I'd have to rip out about 2-ish inches of the material inside myself if I wanted it to fit inside. So I was wondering if anyone knew of any proper cases out there that the extura would fit inside of? Preferably a hard shell case. It's a $900 guitar so I'd want just a tad more protection for it than a gig bag. Thank you all for your time.
  10. Fair enough. I guess maybe in the far future if I ever decide to buy another new guitar haha. Cause atm now it's the fact that there is no case for this thing. Xp But I've gotten to try it now and at the very least it works wonderfully and sounds amazing. If I get another directly from these guys in the future and it comes out like that, ill be sure to try the phone call first.
  11. For me personally I suppose it's the whole process of having to deal with customer service for long periods of time on the phone. Not to mention that I had to send several emails before eventually getting a response. And mind you it was a response to the same email I had sent before I even received my guitar asking about the string gauge and the brand. I had to dig that one up, reply to it asking if it was a monitored email where I could get a response with an issue, and then wait for them to reply with the whole list of certified techs. Not once did they mention they wpuld be wil
  12. So after a long time [and a lot of other spontaneous nonsense pertaining to other parts of life] this is what became of all this: Several emails later and a week and s half of waiting after I got my instrument direct from epiphone, they finally told me I should take it to a tech under their certified list to get the instrument repaired. Luckily, there was one shop that was right across from the guitar center I know how to get to [oddly though, no big name stores like guitar center or Sam ash are on their certified list] I took my guitar to them and it turns
  13. Now if only customer service would actually reply to my emails about this. I find it funny that before I got my guitar I asked them what kind of strings it had and the gauge they were and they answered immediately within a day or two. Asking them about this bigger issue and it's already been almost a week without a single reply.
  14. So I recently bought an epiphone prophecy extura directly from the epiphone website. I was super excited to try out this new guitar but when it arrived I noticed a small problem: All the frets stuck out along the neck and leave cuts on my hands and fingers whenever I rub them while trying to play. I was just curious if this is a normal thing or of its a defect in which I should return the guitar to epiphone. For such a cool guarantee that they put in the box with my instrument, this sort of problem doesn't seem to match up with the quality they are assuring me off.
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