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  1. Ah awesome thank you. So this is a late 1966 Sunburst J45-ADJ. I know it would probably be pretty hard to appraise an instrument like that from a keyboard, and 1 bad image, but is there a price range that you think makes sense for this particular instrument? Thanks again!
  2. Oh neat, so it is older than expected. This finish is referred to as "vintage" sunburst? Neat. I had seen some similar guitars referred to as Tobacco sunburst, is that a different finish than this one? Thanks for your input!
  3. Hi there, Hoping I'm posting in the right spot and following the rules of this forum. I'm hoping that someone here has some knowledge about an older Gibson J45-ADJ. Would love to identify what year it is, and get a sense of its value. Serial # 340295 There are some small chips on the front and back of it, but otherwise pretty good shape for the age range. I was told it was a 68', but in researching some of the serial number validators are suggesting it might be a 65' - 66'. Any detail would be much appreciated!! Thanks!
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