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  1. I've never heard any of those examples. I replied to the ones I have heard. Although there is no fingering on earth that I would describe as masculine, or aggressive. When I think of aggressive guitar, I think of songs like Creeping Death and Whole Lotta Rosie. Humbuckers, electric guitars, Marshal half stacks cranked to eleven. That sort of thing. But again, who cares? Call whatever you want whatever you want. I don't mind.
  2. I would most certainly describe Dear Prudence and Blackbird as delicate and pretty. But if you disagreed and said those songs were aggressive and in-your-face, I wouldn't be offended nor care. Who cares about what adjective a person uses to describe a playing style or song? Is that something worth dying on a hill over? I personally don't think so. I would have to reevaluate my priorities if something like that offended me.
  3. People get too bent out of shape over everything online. It's ridiculous lol.
  4. I vote for a D-35 if you want volume. It's got more volume than you'll ever need.
  5. What term? Feminine? Why wouldn't it be? According to Siri. feminine is defined as: having qualities or an appearance traditionally associated with women, especially delicacy and prettiness." What better way to describe fingerpicking on a guitar? It's both delicate and pretty. It certainly takes a soft, precise touch to do it right. Even more so when you're trying to play something like Dust in the Wind etc. Now compare that to something like Smells Like Teen Spirt or Creeping Death. Nothing delicate or pretty about that. It's akin to guitar warfare. So for that, I would call it ma
  6. I'm currently working on a novel. Only got about 500 words down today, but hey... it's the constancy that gets you there. With music, I'm currently trying to get better at finger picking. I can strum with and without a pick like nobodies business, but I have always ignored the more feminine side of the instrument. Not anymore.
  7. I owned two D-35's. I would describe their sound as more scooped, rather than mid-range.
  8. I appreciate laminate guitars now that I have a high-end, solid body guitar. Yeah, they don't sound anywhere near as good, but man... I can leave one of those cheap guitars out of a case all winter long, no humidification whatsoever and nothing happens. The ease of care is so nice with those things.
  9. I thought I was old. Then I started reading the ages of some of you guys. I no longer feel old.
  10. I am literally the opposite to you. If there is even the slightest blemish or imperfection I'm trying to return it... even if I love the way it sounds and plays. lol But I'm glad all worked out for you. Sometimes, life just doesn't want to be what we want it to be and we have to conceded. The good news is that, well... we still have our lives and get to breath another day. I'm sure you'll be happy with the guitar and if you're not, you can always sell it and fund something else.
  11. My vote goes to the Southern Jumbo (or its less fancy brother, the J-45). It would be the perfect thing for someone with a D-35 because it's basically the complete opposite in almost every single way.
  12. Next, you should buy a Southern Jumbo and see how that goes!
  13. On the bright side, guitars are booming and popular again! Who knows, maybe we'll see guitar-driven music emerge as the dominate force in popular music again five, ten years down the line as a result.
  14. I forgot to mention that I perform solo a lot. So it's basically a lot of strumming and singing by myself. I've tried some guitars like a D-35 and other "brighter" guitars and for my needs, they just didn't seem to fit like my Southern Jumbo... which as we all know is basically a J-45. Once I tried the Jumbo I was like, this is absolutely perfect. It yields when I want it to yield, it yells when I want it to yell. It can be quiet and feminine or, if pushed, it can boom and rumble. It's tone and projection sort of just sits there with my voice instead of trying to drown it out or distract from
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