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  1. I did a little bit of trust rod turning , it all seems pretty good to me , I just bought a new GUITAR NUT , I am convinced the GBE Slots are not deep enough , I also bet everything is not spaced enough either. I think its just a junk guitar nut. THE GBE Slots almost look the same size etc.
  2. True too , I tried adjusting to the left with my allenwrench.
  3. OK YES , So the real bottom the 2 large nuts , i do have every thing flat , Also seems like the Frets are just fine instead of the neck. Picture Here - https://www.instagram.com/p/COWGwV7J-Ut/
  4. AGREED , It was a DIY KIT , it's pretty darn good , I just got to do a weird finger twitch for 1 Chord at the moment. Could I shave a Fret Down ?
  5. Everything is back to normal just only not the CHORD I just talked about. I am wondering if the string size I have at the moment is too easy to mute ? I will find out tonight when I stick bigger strings on the spot I am talking about HAHA.
  6. OK UPDATE , Here's the deal with the issue I had with playing. Seems like I can do everything now the same way I would normally do on my Stratocaster expect for 1 thing. The A Bar Chord. the chord that is this. e 0 b 2 g 2 d 2 a 0 e x With my stratocaster I can seriously lay my middle finger flat and be able to pick all that , With my firebird , It's almost like I got to do a quick finger peel off before and after hitting the B & e. On my stratocaster I always used ERNIE BALL , The 009 Size. I'm wondering if a different si
  7. I Sure will , When I get my sticker this week. Cool Native American sticker I am using.
  8. HI I built my own FIREBIRD and I am having trouble with B and e Strings , their is times where it sounds like I got it Palm Muted but thats not the case and seems like anything from FRET 9 and up to like 20th etc. Everything else is cool , I have all the saddles pressed upwards even height , I am wondering if B and e need their own special positioning ?
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