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  1. See I have had so many different guitars (my wives makes me sell them, cow) so I like to go for the more outlandish ones now, something that no one else has.
  2. It plays like you wouldn't believe, I have NEVER played any guitar that feels just so perfect.
  3. Fair shout, I'm not a bit fan of the darness either, just what a whopper of a guitar!
  4. Each to there own opinion on this one, but this is NOT a Chibson! This is a Les Paul Standard that was been worked on by one of the best know luthiers in the UK, Martin Sims https://www.sims.guitars/ What are your views, what would have have done differently? Do you like it? Do you hate it? https://youtu.be/teG25GqcC9k There are children on our YouTube channel as we are a music school, so pretty please, keep it clean :-) I am really existed to hear your comments and what you would have done differently. Thanks for your time folks :-)
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