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  1. Look at the first and second photo. I don’t know if it like that from the factory or someone tried to remove something and took out some edges. I tend to think this is from the factory because it is minimal.... I need a second "pair of the eyes" as we say here 🙂
  2. I am about imperfections of the fretboard/fingerboard itself. Frets will be crowned in next week or so
  3. Fretboard needs levelling. You can see it on the first and second photo, but to do that I need to remove frets and I don’t won’t to as current frets still have some “meat”.
  4. Can you please explain me sgt. pepper message? I don't get it. It is a joke or some kind of guitar maker slang 🙂
  5. This is a true historic collection. I have similar model. Sadly with huge QC issue..
  6. Hello. Is it common to have inlay not perfectly centered between frets for old instruments? I have an LP custom historic collection 1993 with block inlays not centered between frets. Other issue is fretboard itself. Never noticed that before. Thank you
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