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  1. That's part of it but the book fills in a lot of the blanks. Each had their own "issues" and some of those are not glossed over. I will still listen to their 70s era music if I'm in the mood, but not albums cover to cover or anything like that. IMO, Ace put together the best songs they had. Cold Gin and Parasite were his. Much of the KISS sound as known back then, the bends and the slides, was all Ace. Buckcherry's Lit Up is a take from Shock Me. His solo album was the only one to do anything. Not that it's a verifiable fact, I've read accounts from people that bot
  2. I recently got a new LP. The one I chose, I chose because of the 10 or so I tried, felt like it played the best. Or felt the best. No buzzing or hums. Action seems fine. The last time I owned guitars was before the internet days. So, I've read and watched videos online, which might be my own undoing, but I keep seeing claims that guitars are not truly set up "new". So, I'm puzzled to know what is not set up for the guitar I have. How does one know? I've had guitars a long time ago that required small adjustments here or there, but I never got anything out and started taki
  3. I've seen some silly offers online. I recently got a blank truss rod cover, Gibson parts, in town for 14.00. I had looked online, many were sold out, but people who did have them actually want $30.00 + for the same. I think people just leave stuff priced as such and dont care either way. If it sells, good for them.
  4. If you are into the band, I would recommend the book KISS and Sell. Its a real objective straight up account of the original group from the beginning through the early 80s.. I won't spoil it, but there are some details in this book that really shed light on exactly why things went sideways. I let my boss borrow it and he read the whole thing in a night. Ace's book is good too.
  5. A few weeks ago I went into Guitar Center with the intent on buying a LP. Didn't matter what it was either. I had them pull everyone off the wall and I went through them one by one. Odd, the one the felt the best was a LP Classic. Much to the dismay of the sales staff, I went back a day later and repeated the process. :) The Classic still felt best. They offered to ship a new one to me, that hadn't been on display and I declined. Also, there was some sale going on and all the Classics were 1650 (vs 1999 or whatever). I really wanted a Standard. I had one a long time a
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