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  1. hi, i am looking for a headless Steinberger. I had the pleasure of trying a Transcale, the baritone neck one, and i found it confortable so I think the regular lenght would be even more comfortable and wearable cause it would take very little space in the van. However the regular synapse has not the piezo, and of course you donĀ“t have the same versality of droping the tuning. Which would you choose in case they had a similar price?
  2. Updating, i discarted that option.
  3. Hi, i am thinking of buying a headless compact guitar and after some research i am thinking in those two models. Clearly the Synapse is a better quality and sound option but i also want to take into account the size and portability issue, cause i am thinking of taking the guitar with me in the van for holidays. The Synapse is bigger, baritone scale, so two more frets, would that be a thing to dismiss this one and go for the cheaper and smaller Spirit? And...what would be a fair price for a Synapse Transcale these days?
  4. Hello, i am looking for an afordable travel guitar and i am interested in the Steinberg, however is not sold near me except for a second hand one i have found. The problem is that is a lefty, so i would have to turn around and change strings and so...I wonder if the buttons and pickup selector would be a problem to play it. Can someone help? Thanks.
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