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  1. Wow, impressive collection of amps! I have amp envy. As for the dogs, my wife and I were living our best lives after the kids grew up and moved out. Oldest one moves back in for a few months with her dog (small mixed breed hound), moves out and leaves dog behind. Youngest is in college living off campus and decides she needs a dog for protection. She comes home over the summer with the dog (Black lab - Rottweiler mix), and goes back to school without dog, but we love both of them.
  2. Too funny... I took my kids to all the Disney movies in the 90's. They loved them, I fell asleep during every one. They could never understand why I couldn't hold a conversation with them about the movie on the way home. You and the wife enjoy the grandchildren and don't forget to spoil them!
  3. Today's lesson - don't let the kids sneak the dog tacos. EVER!
  4. Hi Sgt, sorry to hear your leaving. You were the first guy to say "Hello" when I joined a few months ago. With all the time you spent here in NJ while in the Coast Guard, you're an Honorary "Central New Jersey" dude. Good luck with all you do in the future and hope to see you around some day. Regards, Tom
  5. Put new brake pads and rotors on the car. Mechanic's price: $1400. DIY price $425 plus heating pad for back. Also rubbed four ounces of bourbon on my gums to help promote healing.
  6. HI Dem00n, awesome story; how you were able to channel creative drive into an impressive career. Don't ever loose focus on what's important to you. I just joined the forum a month ago, and like you have an EE degree, now retired and living large (well, large enough to finally have time to play the guitar). Go forth and kick-@$$
  7. Congratulations on your 65th birthday! You gotta spoil yourself with something special; like a new guitar, or two. And keep away from Joe, he looks too much like Dracula lately.
  8. Wow, sorry to hear about the damage to your guitar. I solved this problem last year. Used to have three stands and 8 guitars, so constantly rotated guitars in and out of cases. Had a eureka moment and built a rack to hold all eight guitars in the same space the three stand s used to occupy. Made it out of scrap wood and stain from old home remodeling projects. Hope you get your problem resolved to your satisfaction.
  9. Hi Rabs, RCT is pretty much in the ballpark with the values. Since the elusive tone quest is a bit subjective, a few things to consider are: higher value pots for the volume will minimize loading down the P/U. The cap values are kind of the opposite; lower cap values will extend the cut-off frequency since they act as (part of) a low-pass filter. I'd be curious to know how your wiring turns out, particularly if you go for different values in the volume and tone circuits. Just a suggestion if you have the pots & caps lying around, use a few clip leads to temporary lash up the volume &a
  10. CNJ

    4th of july

    Happy July 4th to all! I am cringing a bit since we live about 1/2 mile from where the town fireworks display goes off. My dogs will be terrified the whole time. Otherwise, enjoy!
  11. Hi Shay, I live in NJ and used to go to Neptune (the city, not the planet), once in a while for work. As I remember, Kramer went out of business in the early 1990's and were acquired by Gibson a bit later, so you might be able to get some info by contacting Gibson customer service. I don't think the city had a god of the sea but it definitely had it's share of goddesses
  12. CNJ


    Very Nice! Good luck with it and enjoy. Love the color, but more importantly, how's it sound?
  13. You know it. Gibson will be around forever. the 2259's are widely coveted in the late 23 century as vintage models.
  14. CNJ


    Robben Ford is the Cadillac of guitar players and he has a track called "Chevrolet"
  15. CNJ

    Jury Duty!

    Hi Brad, I had JD a couple times: A criminal case where a guy stabbed his girlfriend (well, former GF), a civil case where a lady slipped on a sidewalk, and a medical malpractice case. There was so much detailed information in the malpractice case, I swear I can perform a carotid endarterectomy on you with a pen-knife. Hopefully no more JD, ever!
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