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  1. My wife's dad was from Huntsville Alabama orginally, and move back for a few years after retiring from teaching in Texas! Drive to Decatur and Huntsville many times!! It's quite a drive from East Texas!
  2. Hi guys/gals. I found this forum while searching for info on a hard to track down Epiphone limited run Les Paul from the 90s. I bought one and seemed to have forgotten what happened to it. I bought my first gibson in 1992 saving my from my first job at a grocery store when i was 16. I scored a killer mint condition Used 1991 Gibson Explorer from Zoo music in Dallas. I still have it, and it has a ton of sentimental value as the first guitar I bought with my own money. My second USA Gibson is a 1996 Les Paul Standard I bought used about 2 years ago. Have a few Epiphone les pauls as well, bu
  3. Sorry for the bump, but I have been hunting for this guitar as well. I owned one that i bought brand new from Guitar Center. It was a GC exclusive as well. The difference as far as I can see between it and the OBL which seemed to be the SAM ASH Exclusive is for sure the pickups. The GC model had black covered pickups like this an not the OBL pickups. I don't remmeber what happened to mine, but I wish I still had it! Hard to find info on these and almost all I see is the OBL ones, but GC had an exclusive one almost the same as well.
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