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  1. Thanks guys - I think @Might Be is pulling my leg.. I'm happy with the fix we made.. ☺️
  2. Awesome Jam! Good lesson on restraint and being tasteful ! πŸ™‚
  3. 1 Week later.. The work is done - Terry our local Luthier at Long & McQuade did an amazing job. I'm glad I pursued this. All work covered under Gibson Warranty. πŸ™‚
  4. Love the analogy! Included with the guitar was a certificate with the guitar from Gibson in a nice little faux leather booklet.. Check it out.. It basically says "Pinnacle of Craftsmanship" Picture of Certificate 😲
  5. I can't send it back at this point apparently becasue it's been sold to me by the dealer but I can get work done on it under warranty.. Thankfully it's more of a cosmetic issue that's easily fixed from what I understand..
  6. The model can be found here https://www.gibson.com/Guitar/CUSGJ5555/1957-Les-Paul-Custom-Reissue/Ebony-2-Pickup (3 Pickup Option) It comes out to over $8G's Canadian.. I should come work in the States for a while just so I can buy a guitar.. Too expensive up here! hehe I should have included a full pic.. They seem to limit the total amount of KB you can post in one thread.. This is a pic I took at the dealer's after it arrived πŸ™‚
  7. I agree, even though the TRC is only slightly off it's noticable to me now andlike kidblast said .. it takes time to "Let it go" Also - Just as big a deal is the fact that it's kind of embarrassing that I have what I consider the best brands of guitar in the world and naturally want to show it off .. and have to hope that a basic thing like that is not noticed.. Update: Spoke to Jeff from the Gibson Virtual Repair and Restoration online service via Zoom.. Great guy, good service.. (we had time to talk on the subject of nitrocellulose) ulitimately he recommended I get in touch with Gibson and look at possibly having their guys fix it. I'm a bit squeamish however about sending that guitar through the delivery service, especially through customs etc. as I'm in Canada.. He did let me know as an alternative since my local distributor is a licensed warrany provider, I could get the work done here! So less travel etc.. I already spoke with my local sales rep and will be bringing the guitar in to see his repair guy next week. This has to be one of the more basic types of work as far as things go so I'm hoping they can fix it up nice with a quick turn around time. I hope to have an updated photo to share in a few weeks! Thx - I'm glad I reached out..
  8. Great feedback everyone! .. aesthetics are a big part of the price tag and what I feel I'm really paying for (along with craftmanship and permium matriels of course πŸ˜„ ) I'll talk to my dealer about it. I also like the idea of getting someone specialized to do a little fix. Doing a simple exchange is not that easy.. they only make so many of these a year type thing.. I have the same thought.. I know from experience.. I could get something back with a perfectly placed TRC and then find out 6 months later that the neck is wonky or the feel is not the same.. I need to really play it more this weekend but from what I can tell everything else is great.. Neck is straight as can be, binding ..perfect etc. I've deliberately not done anything more than setting up the string action to give the guitar time to "settle in" but it plays great even without adjusting the straight neck.. The TRC is the only thing from keeping it a perfect work of art.. The last thing I did was book a free appointment with Gibson's team of guitar guru's on zoom which is a recent thing I guess..? I'm interested to hear wht they say.. I'll keep you posted..
  9. So you're saying .. Yes, I am being silly? It's hard for me to be objective about it.. I mean most people probably wouldn't notice right? but for me that mis-alignment just gets bigger and bigger and bigger ..
  10. There's no wiggle room unfortunately. I could drill a new hole but the adjustment is so small that the screw wouldn't thread properly ..
  11. I had that case with an '89 purchase, so It must be in that range time wise.. (unless it changed cases) I miss those cases .. wish they still made them that way.. hehe
  12. Hi! I just got my dream VOS Les Paul '57 Black Beauty from the my local dealer after ordering it and having it on hold while I saved up a good chunk of the $9K it cost so I could put the rest on financing with them and bring my baby home.. But now I noticed the Truss Rod cap is not centered! 😲.. I mean for $9K I expect perfection or at least a nicely centered truss rod. I didn't notice it at the store when I came in to do an inspection but now I can't stop looking at it.. It's all I notice.. πŸ˜” Everything else is amazing (besides the layer of goop they now leave on the VOS guitars apparently) What do you all think? Am I being unreasonable? What would you do? J
  13. Hi, I'm from Ottawa Canada. I've been a Gibson fan since I bought my first used custom Les Paul back in '84. Since then I bought a '57 Black Beauty 35th Anniversary Edition and a Jimmy Page Replica ES 1235, both of which I had to sell after a marriage breakup sadly. The good news is after15 years I found out the VOS shop is making Black Beauties again and so bought one to replace the old one! A little more expensive than it was back in '89 lol
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