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  1. I finally found an owner willing to part with his Alex Lifeson Axcess Les Paul, and while I am thrilled with the guitar itself, the sound is not happening for me. I have plugged it into my EVH 100 watt stack, my 6505+ stack and my Bogner Goldfinger 45 stack and it is a muddy mess no matter which push/pull switch I adjust. I swapped the 9 volt battery and then started to read about how this is a common issue and there is a McDLT mod that separates the 'mag' output from the piezo part. There is an interview where Lifeson actually confirmed that HE has his own signature models re-wired this way! However, while many here claim to have had it done to great effect, I can't seem to find the actual wiring schematic. Can anyone share it? Thanks in advance.
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