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  1. Had to laugh at this. New 'promo' bit from Noel that just went up. I think it's first time I've heard him refer to his J-150. Seek to...1:50 believe it or not! 😄
  2. Interestingly the description says “Limited to just 200 built in the entire world, only 100 in the entire USA and just 12 sent to the UK!” there’s a good chance the seller has seen this very thread. So if he sees this…Hi Scalper! 😂
  3. Hang on. That’s the same guy as the reverb listing you posted. Exactly the same pictures.
  4. I don’t know what’s worse. The guy listing it or the rocket scientist who’ll pay 12k for it! 😂
  5. Congrats! Just out of interest, in a previous post you were disappointed by the J-150 nut width compared to the SJ-200 you had. Have you noticed any difference?
  6. Haven't verified it as yet. I trust the fella doing the checks after shelling out 4k+ on a guitar 😄 Thanks for the advice though, just wanted to ask around to see if it's normal and something I should try and get used to. I have no problem adjusting relief/action etc. on my other Epis/Fenders but I'm a little hesistant of doing so on the J-150. I'll give it a few weeks and then think about taking it to a tech.
  7. So, after a couple of days I'm absolutely in love 😄 couple of super minor things: Is it normal for the Gibson Acoustics to come with a relatively high action from the factory? Inspection checklist says. Action 12th L 5 H 3 1st L. 23 H. 16 I feel I could get that down another mm at least (I say 'me' I mean a guitar tech) Second question, the serial number stamp and 'Made in the USA' on the back of the headstock are *very* lightly stamped. Barely visibile. Is that also normal?
  8. Have you got a thread on that? Can you link it? I'd love to see it.
  9. And here it is ❤️❤️❤️ Blown away. Looks and sound amazing and smells like vanilla (Never owned a Gibson before so didn't know they all smell like that) #SomeMightSayTheyDontBelieveInNitro 😉
  10. Doing the lords work mate. Nice one. According to tracking, mine will be with me tomorrow. #SoSallyCanWait (but I can't)
  11. I must be misremembering something. A couple of months ago I’m sure I saw an SJ-200 Studio that was, for all intents and purposes, a J-150. I can’t find it on the Gibson site any more. Am I going crazy? 😁
  12. Which colour? In other news, I got my Tracking Number for the NG J-150. Cannot. Effing. Wait! 😄
  13. Yeah he got that one from Reverb funnily enough! First took it out on the U2 tour
  14. Interesting. You're right, doesn't seem to be any links to it now. I found it via my browser history. Sold for €7,095.65
  15. It's mainly due to VAT being included in Europe. 4300 USD + 20% (VAT) is 5160 USD which works out as 4326 EUR. When you buy stuff in Europe, you pay what the sticker says. Feels a bit more transparent that way 😄
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