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  1. "There are huge variances between to guitars of the same model, you can't really use an off the shelf nut or saddle for guitars like you can other parts." Then how come Bob Colosi at guitarsaddles.com has several models that he sells and doesn't have to make for each guitar? I have a theory. There are tons and tons of Hummingbirds and Doves out there, maybe more than any model of acoustic guitar. If he makes 30 bucks for each one he makes one for, why would he offer a ready made model and sell it for 6 bucks? He can make a killing having Hummingbird and Dove owners send their saddles in and he makes 30 bucks a pop. Here's the point. I would gladly take a chance at losing the 6 bucks if he would send me a copy of a hummingbird saddle he made for someone else. He could make it a tad bigger and I could finish it until it fits. Why won't he do this? Again, maybe more Hummingbirds and Doves out there than any model of acoustic, and he needs to make saddles for each one individually, that could add up to a lot of money when you refuse to just make a standard saddle based one a one copy and let people take a 6 dollar chance at getting one that would fit, or maybe having to do a little sanding if he makes it a little bigger. What a bummer.
  2. Hi guys. Total frustration trying to find a tusq or bone compensated saddle for the Hummingbird. I took mine off and the measurements are 80 mm long or Roughly 3 14 inches. 18 inch wide and about 11 mm high in the middle. First off, I am shocked that no dealers seem to have a compensated saddle this size because of how many Hummingbirds and Doves are out there. No one has sent theirs in to be sized? Most saddles I find are only 70 something mm long, rarely 80, and when i did find one that fit all the dimensions, like this one. http://www.allparts.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=BS-0246-000&CartID=1 it's not a compensated one. So, with the thousands and thousands of Hummingbird and Dove models out there, no one sells a bone or tusq compensated saddle to fit these guitars? That's really shocking. I see where I can send mine in, but that ends up being 25 dollars plus shippping for the saddle alone.. They have many brands already listed, but ni Epiphone acoustics at all, unbelievable. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Never mind, I already see that they are the same, there are auctions on Ebay of the set without the classic plus, the normal classics were sold to be put in the neck and bridge and still are on sale that way today I believe.
  4. Is it true that the sets of 57 classics, before the classic plus, were the same pups for the neck and bridge? Seems I recall this being the way it was. Only later the classic plus came out and then you could buy the sets with two classics or with one classic plus and the classic, is this correct?
  5. Hi guys. before there was a classic plus, were the 57 classics simply two of the same pickups, and you just put the one that measured stronger on the bridge? Was there a sticker or anything on the one meant for the bridge on the set of classics. I recall buying the original set and being told they were the same and only the classic plus had a higher reading. is this true?
  6. Hi guys. I have a set of GFS Mean 90's coming. I want just one volume and no tone pots, since I never use the tone pots anyway. I'll be darned if I can find a diagram of two pups and one volume with no tone pots. Is this possible? Would no tone pots hooked up hurt the sound somehow, even though I never use them and they are full up anyway? Of course, I forgot the three way switch too. So that's 1 volume, 3 way switch, and two mean 90's. How can I find out how this wring should go?
  7. Hi guys. I have a Les Paul ultra. I have a set of GFS Mean 90's coming. I want just one volume and no tone pots, since I never use the tone pots anyway. I'll be darned if I can find a diagram of two pups and one volume with no tone pots. Is this possible? Would no tone pots hooked up hurt the sound somehow, even though I never use them and they are full up anyway? Of course, I forgot the three way switch too. So that's 1 volume, 3 way switch, and two mean 90's. How can I find out how this wiring should go?
  8. I recently got a used Humming bird, and went to change the strings and notice that the bridge pin heads have sunken pretty far down in to the bridge. I don't know if they are original or not, but the heads have a black dot on them. I couldn't pry the first string pin out and had to loosen other strings to get my hand inside the guitar and push it up. The pin head in sunken down where only about half of it is exposed. This is a 2005 model. Anyone else with this problem? Are these the original pins? I'll need some slightly thicker pins I guess, but i want to know if this is the fault of the bridge wood hole getting bigger or improper pin size being put in. The 6th string pin is normally exposed. Here's a pic. http://jeffstewart.maddsites.com/Pins.jpg Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
  9. Hmm, I have video of the three guitars. First is the Vintage SG that I ended up trading to my nephew. The SG really, i should have kept the sg too, It sounds better than I remember in this vid. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZbQnoUXzP5U The Ultra. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqR1CVD7rJM The strat. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Bo6qovjO8Y
  10. Hi guys. Thought I would post something unusual for me. I am a working musician and I finally have the two guitars that I lover dearly, and it's strange for me to finally be able to say that. A few years ago I got the Strat of my dreams when I purchased a Jimmie Vaughan model off white guitar. I instakked some fender custom shop 54's in it, and it has been my baby ever since that time. It had the middle tone pot set to the bridge pup instead of the middle pup right from the factory. This enables me to use my inbetween positions and still get the quacky sound without losing the bite. It has the soft V shape neck, vintage bridge and saddles and my strings hardly ever break because they are smooth and round, almost like having String saver saddles but without the tone loss from them. It's just the best strat I have ever owned, perfect for what I had always wanted, and I installed my 54's in a shell guard. A year later, I started to pine away for a Humbucker guiatr. I first purchased an Epiphone intage SG for $249. I ended up not likng it that well because it had just too dark of a tone. Well, a few montha later I am looking at ZZounds.com and they hae one left, b stock, at $399.00 an Epiphone les Paul Ultra. The frst model. I snatched it up before someone else could order it. I then got on Ebay and ordered a set of Gibson 57 classics. I instaled them and got to see how the Ultra is carved out inside to make it light. When I plugged t in, I was amazed at the quality and feel. the 57's sounded so sweet. This guitar is one of the best LP's I have ever craddled in my arms, and the 57's fit it like a glove. Finally, after all these years, I have two stage guitars, both the mid priced guitars from Fender and Gibson, around $500 dollars with good pups in both, and I have never been happier. Just thought I would scream it from the mountain tops, I finally love my guitars and will be satisfied with them for years and years. My search is finally over. Now, If I could just afford a fender blues delux amp, and one expensive overdrive in front of it, and I'll be in tne heaven. Have a great day.
  11. Mine came with a set of Gibson 57 classic humbuckers and a Johnson all tube amp with a Patriot Ragin Cagin speaker in it and a Behringer tube screamer. Still trying to get my 57 classics to work properly in the bridge position, but even now, they sound incredible. Also, a Jimmie Vaughan strat with custom shop 54's in it also makes me all warm and fuzzy. i use both at shows and switch back and forth.
  12. I don't think it is single coil tapped by accident. Both pups are raised fairly high and the bridge pup is right about where it should be volume wise compared to the neck. Also, on grounding, I didn't solder anything. i simply spliced in and wrapped the wires together good and used black tape. When I did this with the old Epiphone pups, they sounded completely normal. Two different sets of Epiphone pups sounded proper, just the 57's that have the bridge sounding so brittle. I can't imagine there being such a wide difference in tone between the two positions, yet it does it with either pup in the bridge, and does it in both the Ibanez and the G-400 I used to have. Far worse in the G-400. The Ibanez has only one tone pot, so I don't know what that might have to do with it. Also, for those trying to hear the clip make sure you copy the entire link. In the underlined link where the curor tuns to a hand, notice the.mp3 extension is not highlighted. I had to highlight the entire thing and paste it in to my browser window to hear the clip.
  13. Yep. When I was recording that clip I was also thinking it almost sounded like a tele. As i said before, I simply spliced the wires into the original wires. This should not have been a problem because when i had put other Epiphone pups in a did the same and they sounded normal. Also, it can't be just one pup problem because both pups sound like this in the bridge position, and sound normal in the neck. I don't get it.
  14. Hi. No, actually, I spliced the 57 classic wires in to the old because I wasn't crazy about the confined space to solder in. Also, it can't be the pups really because both do this when they are installed in the bridge position, but both sound fine in the neck position. When i had them in my old G-400, they were rendered useless because the bridge position was incredibly bright, with either pickup installed in it. I find that after a while i do get used to it, but I was shocked at the difference in tone when i first got them. Heck, i'll do a sample and post it right now with the Ibanez that has the 57's in it. Maybe others who have them can verify that their s are roughly the same. Ok, here's the MP3 sample. remember, this tone change was far worse in the G-400, and they were pretty much unusable in that. I start with the neck pup and switch to the bridge a few times. http://jeffstewart.maddsites.com/neckbridge57's.mp3 I hope there are a couple 57 users out there that will give this a listen and confirm that this is normal.
  15. Yes, I have been playing for 30 years. I make a living at it. The original pups in the g-400 didn't do this, nor the ones in the Ibanez. It just seems that the 57's have a huge tonal difference from neck to bridge. The neck sounds fine, but when i switch to the bridge position it's like someone took the bass on an EQ and turned it most of the way down and turned the treble to ten. It's just so much of a difference, like three times the difference of the other sets. When my Ultra gets here probably tomorrow, I'll make some mp3 clips of the Ibanez with the 57's and then some of the ultra with it's stock pups. then I'll install the 57's in the Ultra and do some more mp3 samples. Thanks
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