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  1. Greetings, So I purchased this modified 1983 Explorer a few years ago with the sellers claims it was a Custom Shop and also Korina. I liked the guitar and it played REALLY well so I bought it. But being modified with EMG's and diamond plate, I was skeptical about the Custom Shop Korina part. It does have the CS logo on back of headstock, but you know ebay.... I was curious the other day and opened up the top removing the full diamond plate pickgaurd and discovered a previous tremelo routing. (I assumed this since the headstock has locking nut screw holes). But to my surprise, the
  2. Bart, This is such fantastic news to me as I have been skeptical about my 1983 Black custom shop explorer in Korina I purchased a few years ago. But when I looked at my ser# 80483566 I was stoked! Thank You! Rich
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