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  1. Please really check it over when you get it., I’m sure you will. The one I got yesterday was terrible. When I compare it to my Les Paul Standard 60s it’s like the guitars were made by different companies, the difference in quality is that stark.
  2. It’s a special order between Andertons and Chicago Music Exchange; four colours and T type pick ups. It sounded and looked amazing but it was clearly made late on a Friday afternoon…😂
  3. Just been to collect my new Ltd Edition SG Special in Olive Drab from Andertons in the U.K., CME in the US also offering this model, to find that the guitar had a huge white scratch on one of the horns, had glue from the binding on the fret board, had tool marks and scratches on both sides of the fret binding, the pickguard was cracked, and the tone controls were twisted and not parallel with the guitar body. In short, a terrible failing in quality control from both Gibson and Andertons.
  4. Very kind of you to offer, shipping and tax wouldn’t be prohibitive but would add around $570 USD to the cost, which is about 30% of the list price. I’ve also just ordered and received a Ltd Edition SG in olive drab but due to terrible QC issues rejected it. I thought Gibson had got over this issue but apparently not…
  5. Thanks RCT, I think my issue with Gibson is that theres a disconnect between global marketing and delivery not their ability to deliver to a price point; for example I’ve recently bought a Standard 60s LP in the U.K., but the global offer is limited in comparison to the US. Gibson marketing offers and advertises products to people outside of the US but with no Avenue to actually buy them. So I guess my issue is that there’s a disconnect between brand marketing and advertising, focussed on domestic delivery with limited communication.
  6. I should also add that Gibson were typically poor in their response when I asked, saying the guitars were only for the US market. Weird response given the global nature of the brand and marketing strategy. They need to sort it out...
  7. Hi everyone, I live in the U.K. and therefore can’t buy any of the Exclusive Collection range. As a loyal customer I’d love to buy more Gibson guitars but none of the U.K. retailers can sell me them nor can retailers in the US so do any of you Know how I go about buying one of the Exclusive Collection Guitars? Thank you my American Gibson friends...
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