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  1. I'll let you guys know what I decide to do after talking to a few guys. Thanks! J
  2. I do have the original tuners still. I'll dig them out and take a look when I get back into town. I understand now about the neck you're saying the nut width is the same but it gets fatter as. you go up the neck? I should have the new guitar in a few days. Will let you know. Thx for the link
  3. Is it better to do a repairs like this or replace the fretboard entirely? I'm not worried about value just longevity and playability. Thanks
  4. Are you looking at the first couple of pics? If so, that has been repaired. Thanks for the reply.
  5. Thanks for the reply. I do plan to repair it. I just love it too much and I want to keep it in the family. I'm taking it to a couple a good luthiers around town to get some opinions and I've dropped a line to Gibson restoration as well.
  6. This is awesome advice. Thank you For others searching for this subject the number is at this URL https://www.gibson.com/Support/Repair-And-Restoration
  7. I've got some money to spend and the guitar is important to me as it came from family and I want the guitar preserved for my son or anyone who can use it and appreciate it. I'd hate to scrap it. Thanks for the link to the Klusons, maybe those will be better than the allparts ones I tried. Not sure what single line is vs double? I just picked up a 2020 60's Original J-50 LAST NIGHT! Waiting on it from a Sam Ash store in Tx. I'm surprised the neck is NARROWER than this one as it's pretty darn narrow. The nut width on mine is 1 11/16 so I guess that means it's before 65? Best guess I could get from serial number is 63. Thanks for the reply
  8. Hi all, I came by this guitar (best guess is a 1963) from my wife's uncle. It has been terribly mistreated. It was apparently stored down in a basement for years next to a furnace or radiator and has obviously had a lot of issues because of it. I decided to take a stab out of making it a player because I loved the idea of having a vintage guitar I could actually play. First Luthier I think did a pretty good job. The issues were... 1. Loose bracing 2. Bridge pulling up (see side pics) 3. Remove weird plastic rosette someone had put there to protect from strumming damage 4. Straighten wavy gravy pickguard and reglue 5. Replace bridge with non adjustable bridge and setup 6. Remove janky 1/4" plug someone drilled into side of the guitar The idea was this would get it to playable condition and it would let me decide whether I wanted to spend more to get it right or just keep it as a heirloom. I've decided I REALLY like the sound of it and want to continue playing it. I decided to keep the custom teenage artwork on the front as a part of the guitar's story even though I don't love it. Continuing issues. 1. There's a pretty big belly on the guitar. Not sure if this can ever be fixed but the repair guy compensated and the action is awesome. I was warned it might be a good idea to use light strings 2. The rosette still has some structural issues and could prolly be shored up. 3. While replacing the strap button with a straplock button the heel block cracked off (even though I used the same screw). I glued it back but there's a line that looks unsightly (see pics) 4. Considerable fretwear on the first 4 frets 5. Considerable scalloping of the fretboard in the first 4 frets 6. Top continues to crack even though I've been careful to keep it humidified. I'm not sure if it a problem with the belly below the bridge or something else but there's a new crack I diascovered this week 7. The tuners aren't great. I removed the original because several were very stiff and replaced it with a set of allparts aged vintage set which look good but still aren't very accurate, since it's a frankenstein I wonder if plugging the holes and putting Grover or something else on there might make sense? I guess what I'm asking is WWGGFD? Would you spend the money (if these problems can even be fixed? I don't know that they can be) to get it into stable playing shape? The other option is to just stop and play it occasionally and admire it. I plan to get another J-50 (prolly the 60's original version) to play out with etc. But I'd kind of hate to never play this one again. Pics are here: The first four are how I received the guitar the rest are post first round of repairs. https://imgur.com/a/OmK20Jz Thoughts?
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