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  1. Thank you so much for your response. Yes, I’ve done all the homework I can on the topic before bothering anyone. (Like you I’m sure, I get really annoyed by folks who just want others to do the work. Plus, I really enjoy learning.) The thing that bothers me the most is that… A. The 9,000 number is SO high. B. The first numbers could have (unlikely) been stamped upside down and be 6096 until the last stamp came in. C. Only the top half of the ES-125 didn’t get stamped, so whoever was in n charge of stamping might have skipped his coffee that morning. Anyway, I boug
  2. Hey folks, I'm looking at buying a ES-125 from the 50's and want to be sure I have my date correct. My confusion arises because the guitar has both - Strap Peg in the lower bout instead of a screw-in button (Pre-1960) - Very old Kluson "Double Line" tuners (1965-on) instead of "Single Line" and they match up quite well. - VERY late FON if it is correct The FON is "9609 4" or "9609 (space) 4" Everything I've read says the last of the non-alphanumeric FONs were in 1951 and were in the 9000s but there is no indication of how high into the 9000's the FONs go. If I am
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