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  1. That’s more or less true. There was a Humminngbird Mahogany M that was really good, if not as good. The L-00 was great for its size. They only had an adjustable bridge J-45 and an Epiphone 45, which were also good. I’d consider (and am considering) a J-45, but the Hummingbird was really the show-stopper, at least for me.
  2. Hi all! New here, so let me say hello! I’ve been playing a few years and am considering an upgrade. I’m an acoustic guy. I went to the LGS to play some Martins, etc, and wandered into the Gibson section. As you’ll all agree, I’d expect, those guitars had “it.” In particular, I played a Hummingbird Original. That thing flat out rocked. I’ve never played a ‘Bird before, but I was deeply impressed. What I didn’t love was the number on the price tag. Does anyone know if Gibson has done a guitar that is structurally a Hummingbird but without the bling? Don’t get me wrong, it looks awesome and iconic. But I don’t know that I can spend what one costs, so if I can get the tone without the looks, I’ll take it. Is there such a model? Thank you all!
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