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  1. Clearly sharing parts of my collection on here isn't a hot idea. lol. oh well
  2. the R1 size was created for Vivian Campbell by floyd rose for his signature model. Floyd Rose and Kramer were pretty much a duo back then. To my knowledge no other guitar has an R1 aside from his signature models in the 1980s. maybe there are some R1 guitars after that but I haven't heard of it.
  3. there are 2 sizes for the lo pro floyd roses. if it is an old kramer look for a low pro with "made in USA" under the find tuners. that will fit.
  4. well they do pop up but don't hold your breath for them being under 3k
  5. its just the truss rod channel, remember that the truss rod moves and is not stationary, with your palm tap the back of the neck and listen for a rattle, if you hear any tighten the truss rod a little and repeat. they use the old school truss rods, don't thinks its a double action one.
  6. Thought this is probably the best place to ask. I've heard there are only about 50 of these in existence is that true?
  7. the original Nightswan had a R1 size nut. and the Proaxe had a R2 size nut. The new Nightswans have a different neck profile than the original. new ones use an R2 nut size. The original nightswan while having an R1 nut had a much more rounded profile though. the newer ones seem more like a proaxe neck than a nightswan neck. All of them use the gibson scale length.
  8. send more pics, neck plate and headstock. looks like a Kramer Pacer Imperial. has the standard trem, and correct factory schaller pickups. if it is a strat headstock its likely a 1981.
  9. that is a 610, it is an import model
  10. Hey how goes, just signed up. Some may already know me from other forums or from my Reverb store. I collect guitars have lots of em. Just started getting into Gibson collecting. Have a few lol
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