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  1. Thanks for all the feedback. I’m leaning towards returning the guitar. The action is almost too low with the bridge as high as it is. Any higher and the posts will barely be in the body.
  2. I raised the bridge pickup to match the height of the bridge. If the bridge was much lower the strings would buzz and fret out on the lower frets.
  3. Yeah, the relief is good. Playability is actually fine. Action isn’t as low as the Hagstrom but I think they have a proprietary truss rod that allows for very low action. I love the small shape and light weight of the SG. I ordered some copper foil tape which I’ll try when I get it.
  4. Hello again. This is the same guitar with the odd crack/shim/split in the truss rod. Maybe I’m being too picky for a “budget” instrument? The neck angle is so steep I have to crank up the bridge to get the strings to clear the fretboard. Is this anything to be concerned over long term? Unrelated I’m also getting the static on the neck while playing. I have a newborn so I play through a Fractal FM3 with headphones so it’s noticeable when playing clean settings. There also some finish imperfections like the top of the headstock being rough and unfinished etc. For reference my other electr
  5. Thanks for all the feedback. Sweetwater tech said it shouldn’t be anything to worry about and they’ll have it on record if something happens down the line.
  6. Thanks. I sent an email to Sweetwater. We’ll see what they say.
  7. Thanks for the replies. I initially was going to loosen the truss rod because there was no relief. That’s when I noticed the crack. It’s been a while since I owned a Gibson and wasn’t sure if this was normal. So I should be returning it then?
  8. I received a new Gibson SG Tribute about a week ago and last night took off the truss rod cover and noticed what looks like a crack. I’m just curious if it is actually a crack or just how the truss rod channel was routed out. Pic attached.
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