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  1. Thnx Sal. Didn't you have one? Or maybe you just tried one out... Btw, I'm gigging the Dearmond on Fri hopefully on my G-00.
  2. I've been waiting for one of these ever since I saw them on a video from Japan earlier in the year, maybe last year... I've been wanting a backup guitar for gigging and and have always wanted a Gibson. So I jumped on the Sweetwater email I received this morning. Ordered a G-00. The soundport is nice but not the reason for my order. I just wanted a comfortable player that sounds good and I can gig with. I'll hopefully have it on Thursday, gig on Friday. Fingers crossed.
  3. I recently picked up an L-00 studio, and it's just the most comfortable guitar I own. Sounds good too. Sound wise, the walnut b&s make this guitar live in the low mids with nice round trebles. Good luck in your decision.
  4. A friend of mine got a mid 90's Gospel for $450 at the time, a closeout type thing. Lucky dog! He still has it and it's a nice sounding guitar.
  5. Well put by your soon to be wife. Congrats Jinder!
  6. Sounds real good Sal! You're good to go!
  7. Beautiful burst on your 45! Congrats
  8. Sounds great! Nice version and that J45 sounds special!
  9. Great family pic Brucebubs!
  10. Freaking Banner Gibson sweet! Your Nanny has to be happy looking down on you playing it!
  11. Thanks Leonard, will check these out.
  12. jricc


    Cool, nicely aged WM-45...
  13. Thanks much Sal. I've followed your Gibson adventures in some of your videos...
  14. Thnx Jinder...like I said, I never had nitro finished guitar. At least I now know the reason for the sticky neck...thnx sgain.
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