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  1. Sal, when you go to pick up your Martin, lmk what time you're going to be there and I'll come over and say hi.
  2. Hey Sal, were you in Russo's today, Monday? I was there around 530!
  3. Hey ajay, congrats on your G-45. Would love to see your port cover! I was trying to figure out what I could fashion as a cover for my G-00. Not very good at woodmaking...
  4. jricc

    L-00 Studio

    Love the Walnut b&s on my new G-00
  5. What a cool piece of American guitar history! Congrats and enjoy it
  6. Good tune, I like it. These two are a good pair together. And, I love the guitars
  7. Hey Paul re: the sound port, yeah it's a hard black plastic. It extends maybe a 1/2" all round the hole inside. It's very thin and appears to be glued on. I'm thinking extra reinforcement for the port. Btw dig those WM45's
  8. Hey 62burst, I should try covering the port, will try that. Re: the gig, I used a Dearmond ToneBoss mag for 2 sets and a Baggs M1A for 1 set. The Baggs was a little bit better, but Ive been using that for awhile and I didn't spend as much time dialing in the Dearmond. I was playing a small pub maybe 150 people with my Bose S1 3 feet to my left up on a pole.As I was playing, I was thinking I can't really hear the guitar thru the soundport. But then I did Rock this Town (Stray Cats) and i use some slapback delay. During the song, I couldn't hear the delay (which I always could before). I reasoned that I must be hearing the guitar thru the port and that's why I'm not hearing the delay. So it appears the port does act as a bit of a "monitor".
  9. Sal, your video, that looks like a great time, yes music is meant to be shared. Love it!
  10. As a newb to this forum and a newb to Gibson acoustics, I am really happy about this series. A little back story, I'm a newly retired elementary school music teacher. I've wanted a Gibson acoustic for a long as I can remember. They were always out of my financial range, family, college, wedding for my daughter etc... (I'm sure I'm not the only one in this boat). I do consider myself fortunate though, and have a nice 1998 Martin 000-1 (mahogany back) my wife bought me back then, and a Rainsong CH-OM (open box paid $1300 for it). Paying for the Rainsong took me 15 months, but since it's the guitar I make money with, it wasn't a big deal. I've been gigging solo for over 30 years. But now gigging is a main source of my income since I've retired, playing maybe 70-75 times a year since covid. So I still can't lay out $2600 for a Standard L-00. Enter the new G series, $999 for G-00, that I can handle, so it's a win for me. Maybe it's not totally traditional, but it has enough of the Gibson ingredients for me. Also, I don't think of this series as a beginners series, but a no-frills series that just happen to have a sound-port. I did receive my G-00 today and will be gigging it tonight with a Dearmond Tone Boss (thanks Sal). I've played it a bit today. Some of my first impressions: It's a Gibson! Solid build and clean as all get out, not a drop of glue anywhere (you can really see a lot through the port) the neck joint is solid, nice ebony board and bridge, this little guy rings out. The satin nitro is thin as paper and probably why the guitar rings and is so loud. Thick mids, bright trebles and some bass, though not a lot. i wonder if the port has taken away some of the bass, or if the mids and highs overwhelm it. That said, when I play it up against a wall, you can hear more bass. I'm not sure if I love the port, still too new (to me) I 've never had a guitar with one before, but either way, not a deal breaker. Playability is great! I love the neck, the nut width and the comfort of a small body, my personal preferences. So bottom line, I think that Gibson may have a hit with these, and now I can say, Only a Gibson is Good Enough. joe
  11. Thnx Sal. Didn't you have one? Or maybe you just tried one out... Btw, I'm gigging the Dearmond on Fri hopefully on my G-00.
  12. I've been waiting for one of these ever since I saw them on a video from Japan earlier in the year, maybe last year... I've been wanting a backup guitar for gigging and and have always wanted a Gibson. So I jumped on the Sweetwater email I received this morning. Ordered a G-00. The soundport is nice but not the reason for my order. I just wanted a comfortable player that sounds good and I can gig with. I'll hopefully have it on Thursday, gig on Friday. Fingers crossed.
  13. I recently picked up an L-00 studio, and it's just the most comfortable guitar I own. Sounds good too. Sound wise, the walnut b&s make this guitar live in the low mids with nice round trebles. Good luck in your decision.
  14. A friend of mine got a mid 90's Gospel for $450 at the time, a closeout type thing. Lucky dog! He still has it and it's a nice sounding guitar.
  15. Well put by your soon to be wife. Congrats Jinder!
  16. Sounds real good Sal! You're good to go!
  17. Beautiful burst on your 45! Congrats
  18. Sounds great! Nice version and that J45 sounds special!
  19. Great family pic Brucebubs!
  20. Freaking Banner Gibson sweet! Your Nanny has to be happy looking down on you playing it!
  21. Thanks Leonard, will check these out.
  22. jricc


    Cool, nicely aged WM-45...
  23. Thanks much Sal. I've followed your Gibson adventures in some of your videos...
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