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  1. you "it's really beautiful and it sounds amazing... " were my exact words, you poor muppet
  2. Don't worry, for me it is. 4k is quite normal for a gibson j-xxx I would say...
  3. To all that were lucky enough to get one: how do you like it? I picked up mine yesterday and it's really beautiful and it sounds amazing. I'm an average player and I don't know much about guitars but I didn't expect it to be so good. It plays really good and as I said it sounds great, the typical oasis/NG acoustic sound
  4. Members 2 4 posts Posted just now have you actually searched for it? I called all the retailers listed on the Gibson website last Friday and found one who had one for me. Also, this morning you could still order it on the Gibson website, in Europe there were also dealers who still had some as of this morning...
  5. You were lucky, I heard GC in whole US gets only 3! My dealer in NJ confirmed my order, I guess they know what they're doing, although I was surprised as I called them just last Friday...
  6. Probably. I don't mind getting it later, I just hope I'll get it at all 🙂 the dealer said they ordered one at Gibson, so hopefully they really get it, gonna call them tomorrow
  7. Where are you located? I'm in NYC, peordered mine in NJ. I'm wondering why Germany has them earlier, as they were produced in the US and the official release is tomorrow...
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