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  1. @jgdm "It's certainly seen a lot of action. " It has indeed. I wonder if some expert could analyze the picking patterns. I figured it probably was played by a mad flat picker. 🙂
  2. My wife knew her brother Mike and I knew one of Linda's cousins. I'm super curious who might have owned the guitar before I found it in that Greenwich Village pawn shop. That's a mystery which may never be solved.
  3. Thank you very much Dave F. This is informative info! I would love to be able to have DNA tests run on this guitar. I can say for certain that Linda Rondstadt played it once because I brought the guitar when I visited her. That was in another lifetime.
  4. I love this guitar but unfortunately I can't play it much anymore. The photos show the condition, which is very close to how I found it, including the Grover pegs and the case. Obviously some very energetic pickers have played it. NYC was a hotbed of folk music in those days and I have wondered who might have owned it before I found it, and why it had been pawned. I'd appreciate any recommendations for historians who might be able to help me. Thanks for any information and insights. Paul
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