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  1. By the way , the picture is what my guitar looks like. The site wouldn't let me load a picture of mine. Said the file was to big. Thanks again
  2. Thank you for the replies. I was reaching out looking for a fair value. There isn't very much information , price wise on these guitars. I am still on the fence about moving on. I play my acoustic more even though they hang side by side . Now I have a better feel for where to start. Thanks again.
  3. Not really sure what happened. Maybe life got in the way , who knows but it's time to move on. I have decided to sell my 137 but I'm having a hard time coming up with an asking price. I searched the internet for a few days, looking at everything 137 but only found one for sale. Looking for advice or somewhere that might be able to help out a little. Thanks.
  4. That didn't quite work out. On the tag the 9B is centered below the ES 137 CU .
  5. Semi-hollow . Tried to load a picture but it says the file is to big . These look like the number 9 and the letter B , 9B . ES 137 CU. 9B This is sort of what it looks like . ES 137 CU is on the line and the 9B is under the line.
  6. On the model tag in my guitar there are letters or numbers below the actual model number line. I was just wondering what they might represent. These are hand written and I am not sure what they are. Thank you.
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