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  1. Hello Tom, thanks so much for your reply -- I couldn't find a way to upload a picture because it seems like the allowable file size is very limited. The pdf file I uploaded can be downloaded, though, and it has two pages of pictures. Here is a link to the pictures, though: https://photos.app.goo.gl/qvgftBDBm3ntMv1a8 thanks very much! Very much appreciate your help! Cheers, Russ
  2. Hello folks, I am new here -- think I might have posted my stuff in the wrong place so I am doing it again (sorry about that!). Anyhow, we have an older tenor gibson banjo that belonged to my wife's grandfather. Serial number is 11406-18. I would love to learn more about it if anyone might know anything. Several pictures in attached pdf file. Thanks for your help! tenor_banjo.pdf
  3. My wife's grandfather played this old tenor banjo. It is a really cool and wonderful instrument but I don't know much about these things. Hoping some of you folks might be able to tell me more about it. The attached pdf file shows several pictures. The serial number seems to be 11406-18. Any information would be appreciated! Thanks very much! -- MontanaMusicGuy tenor_banjo.pdf
  4. Howdy! I am MontanaMusicGuy, I have an older Gibson tenor banjo that belonged to my wife's grandfather. I play guitar, banjo and mando but unfortunately do not have any other Gibson instruments. I will post some pictures of the tenor banjo to see if you all can tell me more about it. Love to play music around the fire! Hope you all are enjoying the summer! Cheers!
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