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  1. Well Grace Too, yes I used the word “dreaded”. Guilty! Three words later I said “ oh well”, signifying that too me at least, it’s not that bad. For example, “ It’s going to rain today, oh well! Yes, I agree with you. It should not happen. I don’t believe anyone hear thinks it should. Why did I respond 4 week later? That’s very simple to answer. That was the time period between my visits. Also, it’s called being social. Enjoying being part of this community. When I said I had briefly consider returning it, that was weeks before that post, (if we’re marking time now) when the guitar was brand new. My conversation with Gibson, and people on these sort of forums brought me to the conclusion that I could live with it. In all likelihood it will abate. Dryer sheets when I record, and just playing for the sake of playing…I don’t really notice it. As I also said, and you may quote me, it’s an awesome guitar. I’m keeping it! Thank you for quoting me several times and bring this to my attention, but now I’m going to stop discussing the topic least I anger NighthawkChris 😜 🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐
  2. My new 50’s LP also has the dreaded Gibson crackle. Oh well! It’s a freaking awesome guitar so it’s a keeper. But I understand the OP returning it. Crossed my mind for about a minute and a half. A call in to Gibson confirmed that it’s the electrostatic part of the finishing procedure. No shielding in the universe will fix it. For those that did get results may very well have had a different issue. But if it’s coming from the back of the neck and body, it’s the finish itself. Dryer sheets works fine for me. I’ll only use it on the neck when recording. Just playing, I don’t even notice it anymore. It will go away in time.
  3. Oh! That Phil. But I still don’t know who that is🤷‍♂️
  4. I do see your point and understand completely. It’s just me. Don’t want to deal with the hassle of repackaging and shipping back. A hundred bucks or so, no problem. But thousands? It’s just not me. If it’s out of stock at my local shop I’ll have them order it so I can still inspect it before paying. I don’t buy a lot of guitars and it was easy to find what I really was happy with. Maybe it makes more sense if your buying a lot of guitars or really something specific. Then I understand.
  5. Look before you buy! I could never buy something that expensive on line. No way. I’m going to hold it in my hands and inspect it before handing my cash over, even if I have to drive for two hours to get it.
  6. And by sort of, I mean I have been posting prior to introducing myself. So here I am! I’m in Ontario Canada. I’m a guitar player (!) and I like these forums for information and opinions on the relative item. It’s always a great way to find answers to the questions we all have with newly acquired stuff. And being new for the second time in many years to a Gibson Les Paul, I saw the need to sign up. I have already seen some of the collective knowledge base here and hope to share some of my own. Now, if someone could tell me why my avatar photo keeps getting rotated, that would be great.
  7. It’s all about principal I guess. And it shouldn’t matter if it’s a very expensive item or not. It’s relative. You pay your hard earned cash for something and it should be perfect. If you ding it getting it out of the box that’s different. But from the store or factory it SHOULD be blemish free. Now “should” was uppercase because anything that is actually hand made will have a higher chance of tiny imperfections than something machine made. To me that is almost a mark of proof that it was in fact made by human hands. So a imperfection which is not terribly unsightly, or does not effect the function is acceptable (to me) if not even expected. I’ve read that some feel the more expensive Epiphone models will have less chance of a defect because there are less human hands involved in its manufacture. This might be true, my Epi Tribute Plus certainly was text book perfect. And I’m talking “fit and finish” , not actual build quality and tonality. That’s an argument for another thread. ( Although it is pretty damn good!!!) Anyway, yes we are a picky lot. But I feel we are allowed to be. It is incumbent on ourselves to decide if the “blemish” is worthy of a return or not, and that line will be drawn in a different place in the sand for everyone. I broke out the loupe with the purchase of my Gibson Standard. $4000.00 Canadian after taxes, for sure it’s getting a good looking over. What I found was as close to perfection as I would expect. My fret board looks the same, I think….if what I see in OP’s photos is what I think it is. For me that’s a keeper.
  8. That is correct. It’s an electrostatic charge which helps the nitrocellulose adhere to the guitar. Of course, it also helps the guitar hold a static charge. So annoying!
  9. And…I just had another really good look with the guitar on the stand. That patch in the picture extends down about half an inch lower than the actual contact point. So unless this “damage” creeps on its own it must not be my stand. Plus it’s only on one side of the neck. Perhaps it is a manufacturing defect???
  10. My stands seem to have the same material as the Hercules products so I wonder if it was my stand or not. Like I say, I need to have a look at the store to see their wall hangers . It could be some other rubber/plastic sort of stuff on their hangers. The crap of it is, I would like to use my stand without cotton as it just looks better. But I’m not going to sacrifice the guitar for it. As I told Gibson when I contacted them the other day…I’m not looking for warranty on this, I would just like to figure out if it was my stand? Hell, it might have been there before I bought it. And the effected patch of finish is only where my pictures showed it, but the back of the guitar also rests against supports covered with the same material as the hanger section. No damage there? So I don’t get it. It just occurred to me as I write this, the Gibson Studio I had 15 years ago never showed any sign of wear, and I left it on a stand often. The type with that ugly orange coloured plastic protective stuff. Or maybe I never noticed. I never imagined that nitrocellulose would be so delicate.
  11. I received a reply from Gibson. They feel it is hanger damage. when I first noticed it I contacted Yorkville Sound, the Canadian distributor of the stand in question AND Gibson products. They told me that as they are distributors of both, they made sure that this stand is 100% safe for nitro finished guitars. One of two things to consider. 1) Yorkville Sound is incorrect in their claim. 2) As the guitar has a manufacturing date of 2019, who knows how long it has been hanging on the wall at the store where I bought it from, and what the material on their hanger is. I will be stopping by just to have a look. As I said before, it’s not really something I’m all that worried about. I just want to know. I will be wrapping the area on the stand with cotton going forward.
  12. I’m waiting on a reply from the same photos I sent them.
  13. It’s all good. Now the static charge? That is another issue. Did you get that on your guitar, because I did. I would rather have another tiny blemish than “The Gibson Static”!
  14. I’m not to concerned with how it looks right now. I really have to look for it to see it. im just wondering if it is a factory defect or the stand. If not the stand then I will continue to use it without wrapping the thing in cotton. That’s all I’m worried about. I would rather not have to wrap it as it kinda looks crappy. I sent a photo to Gibson to see what they think.
  15. Stick it into a hermetically sealed bag and never open it again
  16. I can’t see anything but that’s because my brand new AAA topped 50’s is the same…if you get my drift! Translation, that doesn’t bother me in the least. It doesn’t effect the function in any way. The guitar is freaking awesome! It’s made by human hands. Humans are not perfect. I would not send it back for that.
  17. Funny, I have the exact same issue. G string does does not ring out like the others. Even my Epiphone Tribute Plus rings stronger. I’ve had a full setup done but was advised to bring it back for another look. It doesn’t seem to be noticeable when amplified though.
  18. My brand new Standard does it. I contacted Gibson who told me it is 100% normal. It’s the electrostatic charge they use to help the nitro adhere to the guitar. It may or may not go away with use. And no, shielding does bugger all!
  19. Or is it from the manufacturer. It’s a roughness to the otherwise super glossy finish everywhere else. opinions?
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