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  1. Thanks, It's my dream guitar too. It plays very well. Hard to set it down right now. Hooked up the Boss RC-500 looper and that is so much fun! Not very good at it yet but who cares.
  2. Pictures of the new Les Paul Standard Tobacco Burst. My Martin D-18 is in the background.
  3. Hi all, My new LP Standard has arrived. My initial inspection found no defects/flaws. It looks perfect. I've been wanting a LP for years. The new management team and products at Gibson convinced me now is the time. I teamed it up with a Boss Katana MKII amp and a Boss RC500 Looper. Back in my day I had to use two stereo systems to lay down tracks to record lead over. So glad to learn about loopers. Happy camper here.
  4. Hi all, I'm 65 years old and recently retired. I've played/dabbled with guitars since I was 18. In the 80's I had a room mate who's brother majored in Classical music. He had a Gibson Les Paul Custom Blonde and a Fender 25th anniversary guitar. It was silver in color. I had the privilege to play these guitars for several years. My room mate played a Fender Bass Guitar. Then life got in the way. I got married and had a Coast Guard career. I got into blue grass music about 7 years ago and purchased a Martin D-18. It's best sounding acoustic guitar I've ever played. My brother in
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