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  1. I ordered it online from AMS. I couldn't find a Std with humbuckers in Pelham Blue anywhere but there , and I looked for quite a bit. They (AMS) are pretty adamant about this being on Gibson. I looked it over inch by inch when I got it and didn't see any problem. It's barely been out of the case except a handful of times of being played. Someone said it kind of appears that pressure from the nut might have possibly cracked the finish? Either way I'm definitely not happy about it at all.
  2. Just joined recently in hopes to discuss any issues that a few others may have dealt with when buying a brand new SG Standard. Please share whatever experiences you may have had. I bought my SG Std new, in Pelham Blue. I wish I didn't have this problem for the price I paid. So far the company line seems to be that this is "normal" I don't know if this is just in the finish, or the wood itself. I do know that I haven't gotten any help.
  3. Apparently it is common. It appears the company is well aware of this and considers this as normal. I wish that was not the case. I haven't received any positive help from them ( or even a response for that matter ) or the retailer I purchased it through. I can think of so many ways to spend 1800.00 then on a guitar that I wouldn't sell to anyone for any more than scrap wood. BTW I bought this brand new, it hasn't been played more than 2 hours and has been in a high quality case other than being played and on a stress free stand between songs.
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