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  1. https://www.sunburstmusic.com.au/gibson-es-335td-vs-maestro-1967.html Hi everyone, how are we all doing? Got an interesting one here, hoping someone can shed some light? Recently, I purchased an all original 1967 Gibson ES335 (in Australia....see the link above). Checks all the boxes for originality.... Interestingly, the Gibson orange paper badge inside the guitar body/ cavity, does not have the model designation written, nor the serial number. The serial number on the headstock dates it to a 1967 model. What's even more interesting, is that the original Gibson orange label, has the name "Freddy" written on it. Looks to be legit, does not appear as if someone has modified the label. Any ideas? The dealer seems to think that "Freddy" was the name of a Gibson employee? Or....long shot, was the guitar made for a famous Texas bluesman, with the first name, "Freddy?" Either way, it's an amazing sounding guitar...the best I've ever had! Thanks, in advance....
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