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  1. Love it! Congrats man! I have considered them in the past, but was driven away by the price. Since you got a good deal, however...:)
  2. Welcome to the forum man! If I was in your place and was choosing one amp from your list, I would go with the Vox. They are nicely built, lots of options / sounds in it and the tube in the pre-amp really warms things up. Since versatility straight from the amp is your thing, I would go with that one. And, as far as maintenance is concerned, taking it once a year in a local luthier / the dealer you bought it from, won't be a big issue (I assume that you live in the States). If I was starting all over again, with your budget, I would go with a nice, small tube amp. You don't reall
  3. Very nice score (especially if you don't use the Boss any more)! I would prefer mini humbuckers on that axe, but it wouldn't stop me from getting it! Looks like a sweet deal my friend!
  4. Looks fine in my un-trained eye... And quite sexy if I may! But more experienced members will let you with more certainty. BTW, for how much...?
  5. I will support the minority: Get yourself a Flying V (or an Explorer) !
  6. Ooooh, I love that Deluxe of yours Bender!
  7. Stunning man! Great wood grain and great color showing through... congrats on the find man! BTW, nothing wrong with subjective reviews around here....
  8. Hi man, I just posted another thread about the fact the I have actually decided to swap the BB Pros on my Gibson Les Paul Studio worn brown. I find them to be too trebly, especially the neck pickup. After doing (lots of...) homework, reading reviews, articles and listening to many youtube videos, I think that the best (to my ears that is) combination for a Les Paul-style guitar is: An Alnico II-based pickup for the neck An Alnico V- based or a Ceramic pickup for the bridge position I just want my neck one to be smooth, mellow and full of sustain and the bridge one to be punchy
  9. Good points from all the guys. It's not the name on the headstock that counts. If it ''speaks'' to you, that's all there is to it. And as far as the term ''Custom Shop'' that it's used widely on the Epi's, it's not only on the Epis that it happens. The Gibson ''CS'' it's not that Custom... They do not take many orders and it could take a couple of years and huge amounts of money for anyone to order his Les Paul, for example. They just make special runs of models in limited numbers. Anyway... it's the new gibby policy I guess to justify the inflated prices...
  10. As said before, a P-90 equipped solid body light guitar is on the top-5 of my wish list! The Casino is great to look at, more than that DC, but the sound of P-90s will be sweeeet...! It's up to what you want more, but since you asked, I would jump on that deal! Good luck with that!
  11. Hi and welcome to the forum man, As far as I'm concerned I'm not happy with that reply. It's not that hard nowadays to have a database updated every single day, and if that's true then Gibson should simply reply that this serial number does not exist in their database, not to call it a fake! It just does not make sense to me...
  12. For what's worth... I like it! I know it's kind of extreme for most of the guys / gals but I have to admit that I'm a glam rock fan! ( Alice Cooper mainly that is). And within the years I have learned to appreciate less common looks on guitars. Congratulations on the great score man! I'm sure that the Duncans really suit her (and I doubt that anyone in the future will want the original Epi pickups back). Rock her a$$ out! BTW, how does that Seth Lover pickup sound? Can you, possibly, describe the sound of it?
  13. +1' date='000!!! Also I stand behind this ''tell him it's free world-wide advertising'' thing. Hell yeah! If I had EUR 2,000 lying around I would rather have my hand-built Les Paul R7 or Traditional with my specs / pickups than the mass-produced Gibby... Perhaps we should consider the guy for (the long-term... ) future.
  14. They're obviously inspired by Gibson / Epi line, but they seem really well made, good tuners, good pickups, nice features (like coil-tapping) and they have a good variety in pick-ups. ProGuitarShop has recently made some videos about them on youtube, certainly worth to check them out. Especially the variery in the pikcups got me thinking that Gibbies / Epis could certainly use the ideas and try to supply more models that people are asking for (like more P-90 equipped models for example).
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