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  1. Bugger! So you think they would make a leftie for me in the custom shop? how do I navigate to their? all I can see in the custom shop is their custom collection.
  2. Gibson guitars are works of art but I've never seen anything more beautiful than the Slash Les Paul Standard Anaconda Burst! Unfortunately for me and thousands of other lefty's who might want to buy one there is no left handed version, I've asked Gibson and they've said they don't make them. Considering 10% of guitarists are lefties (including subjectively the 2 greatest ever, both of which have signature Gibson guitars) surely it would be in Gibson's interest to offer left handed versions on new release guitars? Even Hendrix's 67 SG Custom only comes in a righty which I know he played upside down with all the knobs in the way but that was 50 years ago. He's a left handed guitar god so honour him. Please Gibson, make a leftie Anaconda Burst along with some other models and show us some leftie love.
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