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  1. Will definitely check this out!
  2. I live close enough to New-England, Quebec is where i am. My house has air exchanger and A/C, so it's very stable. Thanks for the info
  3. Hello readers, I bought my first Gibson J-45 Standard Sunburst model, i've been saving cash for this model for the past 9 months. Now, i'm probably the most rookie owner there is, and maybe i think too much about it but i'm making sure that i take care of it as much as i can. I have a hygrometer at home and made various tests around my house to find a proper room to store it (inside it's original case) and the relative humidity(RH) is around 45-50% which is good. But then i placed the said hygrometer inside my guitar case(Standard Brown gibson case that came with the guitar) and the RH goes up to 60-63% RH...which i'm reading is too high for an acoustic. So, my question : Is there anything to do to lower the humidity level in the case? I'm thinking, leaving my guitar outside it's case for a little while so the case can maybe lower the humidity level? Or should i just ignore this and leave it inside the case? To put it in perspective, i play about 2 hours every evening after work, so yes it does spend time outside it's case. I'm also checking if my hygrometer needs to be calibrated. Let me know guys, Thanks in advance.
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