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  1. So He!lo everyone. I'm an Australian living in France. I play rock -0mainly Led Zeppelin and the stones and if course most rock and hard rock from the late 60s and 70s. I learnt to play the guitar when I was 15 and now just turned the big 50!!!. I have a passion for Fenders and Epiphones and Gibsons. I just this week bought myself a brand new fender player series Buttercream HSS Stratocaster along with a BOSS. Katana 50 Mk II amp.. I own a Epiphone Les Paul "slash" , a Fender bass and a Harley Benton flying V. I stopped playing the guitar when I was 2/ due to having a job where I travelled a lot and no longer could practice for play in bands anymore. So I finally settled in France and about 2 year ago decided to get back into it. So I bought the epiphone Les paul "slash" guitar with Snakepit amp and started practicing about 4 to 6 hours away again and now I'm right back in the saddle. I was very impressed with the epiphone slash model and I still now enjoy playing it. I love the thin neck, the lightweight body, the tone and it's do comfortable to play chords or lead on. Back in my day, epiphone were sort of regarded as the poor man's Gibson and a very low quality guitar. But wow, how things have changed!!! So I have a great interest in the new epiphones. I've just recently discovered the epiphone Les Paul Muse. WOW!!!!! I've fallen in love with it. The white pearl metallic colour is just gorgeous and the tone, the way you can split the pick ups ect just makes this guitar one of the best guitars I've heard. I think easily up there with a good strat or Gibson. So I'm now trying to see what deal I can get from my friend who works on a music shop on the pearl white metallic muse. I just have to have one!!!! Enough about me. I'm interested in hearing from anyone or all who have a muse and can share their opinions on this awesome guitar. So please, let me hear your comments on the muse!!! Cheers Rohan
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