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  1. Very nice 335 TD ya got there! Been playin' my 335 TD since new in '77. Came with Phase switch on the horn, I added the Bigsby tail. Took off the pick guard, fingers made static sound on it. Could hear it crackle through the amp. Pick your style of music, the 335 TD does it all. ( ...and stays in tune )
  2. Ice water, keeps the swelling down.
  3. Had to tell ya, that sure is a beautiful guitar ya have there! And left handed to boot!
  4. I also have a '77 335 TD, hence my name here. My pickups do rock on the springs, but I've never looked at the underside with any scrutiny, just to clean. Next time I change strings, I'll take a good close look. I agree with Muddville, a qualified tech is best. Ask other musicians in your area, where they would take their guitars for work. A "Music Store", is the last place I'd look. Word of mouth goes a long way. Just my .02
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