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  1. I was watching a guitar video on You Tube last night, and I noticed that this guy had a 335, (professional player so I assume a "real" Gibson) with the flower pot located in such a way that the bottom of the pot (which is usually located at or near the centerline of the middle tuners, was lower on the headstock. So I dug out my Gibson 335 Guitar Book, (Tony Bacon) and discovered that Gibson moved the pot "down" from 1968 to 1984 on some models. A lot of the 70's models, 335 and 345 had the lower pot. Funny, I had never noticed this before.
  2. Does it have the orange label inside and the numbers match?
  3. Good advice, thanks "Twang". Sidebar: the record album that got me started on this road back in 1961 (when I purchased a used Les Paul Jr at a pawn shop for $100). ((Big bucks for a grass cutter)). Anyway the album was Duane Eddy's Million Dollars worth of Twang. Still got it.
  4. My 335 has "coverless" pickups. I don't care for that look at all.. Am I correct that any set of 49 and 51 mm (or whatever the correct numbers are) pickup covers will fit over the pickups? IF the covers are made for Humbuckers?
  5. Exactly what I wanted to see. Thanks so much. what a great forum.
  6. I am noticing there are two types of the lower pickguard mounts for the ES-335.45.55.(Maybe L P also). The simple "bent piece of metal" shows up on some, and the precision looking lower mount is much different and looks more substantial. Any discussion on this?
  7. I bought a Les Paul Jr at a pawn shop in 1961 for $100. I was 15 years old. I already owned "A Million Dollars Worth of Twang" from Duane Eddy so I decided I would become a guitar player in a few weeks. Well 60 years later, I still can do my standards such as the opening lick to Daytripper, La Bamba and Walk Don't Run, (gotta have something ready when you go to a guitar store) but I still am not a guitar player. So I spent too much money (for my ability) on a guitar and I figure now that I am semi retired, and almost dead, why don't I try to develop a little. Spending more on a guitar than I ever have, will (hopefully) drive me to use this thing, and maybe - just maybe, being a better product it will be easier for me to master, and keep at it. I will probably ask some stupid questions, since after 60 years of owning various guitars - I am still a beginner, but bear with me. I spent my life in broadcast engineering, so if anyone has a tube amp question, maybe I can answer yours. I will not laugh at your question, maybe you won't laugh at mine.
  8. NotaCGP


    Excellent information, thanks.
  9. NotaCGP


    Did/do all ES-335's come with Klusons even now, or are there two styles of original tuners (or more) on 335's from the factory? I am sure it depends on when it was made.
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