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  1. I use a Peavey Valveking 2x12 with mine and sounds awesome in my opinion.
  2. Hi Guys, can anyone tell me which LP models have these ceramic pups, is it just the classic + classic re-issue? Ceramic 497R + 500T ?? Cheers
  3. I recently did a smiliar thing with my epiphone les paul, i replaced the pots with original gibson ones, orange drop caps, switchcraft switch and jack, and gibson proper braided wire. It made a very noticeable change in tone, my epi now sounds slightly better than a LP Studio.
  4. starting from when i was 10 Satelite LP copy Yamaha 112 ibanez js100 ibanez s470 ibanez js100 ibanez jem 555 ibanez js1000 epiphone LP std still have peavey hp special ibanez rg570 still have ibanez rg1570 still have Gibson LP DC bought yesterday Without a shadow of a doubt my next 2 guitars will be an Ibanez jem7vwh and a Gibson LP Classic, i have serious GAS at the moment.
  5. Neither, Gibson LP Classic all the way, the ceramic pups are just......well....... in a word......awesome.
  6. I will be tuning mine down 1/2 a step obviously for the g&r tracks i play so i think .10`s should work quite well.
  7. Changing mine tomorrow as they are knackered, what should i fit for best tone.?
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